No referral (to start)

Referral and health insurance are not required to start. Kansas law allows licensed physical therapists to evaluate and treat a patient / client. This authorization is limited to 15 days if progress is not demonstrated.

If you would expect to submit your bill for insurance reimbursement then acquiring a referral in advance is suggested. Additional care beyond 15 days without demonstrated progress would require a referral, but by this time most clients would know if it is beneficial. I am comfortable with evaluating multiple areas during an initial evaluation and adjusting focus to other regions on re-evaluation if requested; many patients require assessment beyond a local area of complaint (combination of neck and shoulder or neck and elbow, low back and hip, knee, or ankle). If a referral is requested for an extension of care l will recommend including any identified areas a client would submit for reimbursement.

**This treatment requires written consent; any minors would require parental support / signature for consent.