Best time for service?

When is the best time to get service?

Not right after injury. The earliest I recommend consideration is one to two weeks after an initial injury / insult. This allows for any inflammation related symptoms to calm and to provide a more accurate evaluation and response to treatment. The overall presentation may resolve in this time window and early treatment would be considered unnecessary.

Before you would expect to aggravate it. My clinical observations suggest that treatment of any active sites prior to a potential source for significant aggravation (surgery, athletic event, prolonged travel) has the most potential gain but it does not require for treatment to be close to that time. Unlike the established treatment window of joint injections (6 to 8 weeks of inflammation control, then frequent return of symptoms) the treatment of dry needling would have long lasting change for any symptoms directly related to the muscles that are treated. I mention this because I have observed prior clients who have deferred treatment as they were worried that the post-treatment effects would be detrimental to their performance.

Any time in between… Regardless of how long a client has experienced a complaint I have observed the same level of benefit – whether the primary complaints had lasted anywhere from a few weeks to many years (40 years is my longest duration resolved). There is no reason for me to pressure a client to rush into a treatment as long as the client is not compensating / limping because of their status. There is also no reason for me to delay treatment just to try the less direct methods first. You as the client would direct how limited or aggressive treatment plans would be set up; I would simply provide information on what others have experienced before you.