When not to seek

**Due to conflict of interest individuals with TriCare insurance would not be allowed to receive this service at this time (until September 2020). I am on active duty status and would offer the same care at the military treatment facility to TriCare beneficiaries. Individuals over 65 with Medicare and TriCare for life would be eligible for the service but Medicare rules require providers to use insurance; Medicare and TriCare do not pay for dry needling as a procedure.

Contraindications for treatment with dry needling include: 1st trimester of pregnancy, local infection, immunocompromised status, recent surgery (local application), and use of stronger blood thinners (e.g. heparin, coumadin). Individuals with true fear of needles have a more difficult experience with the treatment- the value of interaction may be limited to identification of treatment areas and recommendation for the client to self apply ischemic compression as a limited, non-invasive interaction.