Our Vision is a thriving, healthy & safe community for our youth.

Jefferson County Communities That Care is a coalition comprised of more than 100 stakeholders, community members, key leaders and youth. We use a structured, evidence-based community change process focused on preventing substance misuse, sexual/relationship violence and hopelessness/anxiety among youth in our community by reducing risk factors and improving protective factors.

Coalition Updates

  • Please fill out the survey CU Boulder is emailing to CTC coalition members across Colorado! The survey includes assessing the health & functioning of our coalition, plus your thoughts about our local strategy implementation. Please expect an electronic link in your email on Tuesday, September 22nd from Sophie Dila, one of our partner researchers at CU Boulder. The survey will take approximately 15-20 minutes, but your responses are critical to the work we are doing in our community. Learning from all of you about our strengths and areas we can improve demonstrates our commitment to maintaining a great coalition.

  • We have a full agenda for the Community Board meeting on September 24th, including:

    • Elections for the executive committee, including co-chairs, a youth chair and workgroup chairs; check out our leadership team bios here.

    • Taking our Community Board Diversity & Inclusivity survey.

    • Voting on proposals to make exciting changes to our coalition structure in order to expand to county-wide operations in 2021!

    • An update and more opportunity for feedback/ideas on our “Buying for someone under 21?” campaign. There is more information here and you can see the proposed messages, below, which have been updated slightly since the last board meeting, based on coalition feedback.

  • Save a Life Fentanyl Overdose Prevention Kits are being distributed to young adults in our community starting this Friday, September 18th in a rapid response partnership spearheaded by our sibling coalition, the Jefferson County Substance Use Partnership coalition. If you know a young adult (age 18 +) who know people who take pills, opioids, or other drugs could you please ask them to pick up a kit and/or spread the word on social media? They can pick up a kit with information and 50 free fentanyl test strips to pass out to friends by just stopping by O’Kane Park in Lakewood (Nederland street parking lot) on Friday afternoon, the 18th, between 3 and 4 PM. This will be anonymous and judgement free.

  • Please post the September talk for Twelve Talks to Have With Teens about Hopefulness & Coping on Facebook or other social media! Here is a suggested post:

    • Teens often feel a lot of pressure, from their school and social life to any issues they may be going through, like feeling isolated, coping with online schooling, bullying, depression, family problems, relationship issues or substance use. Ask your teen open ended questions about how they are coping with it all. It can make a big difference. Visit twelvetalks.com. https://www.twelvetalks.com/hopefulness-coping

  • All the other projects are still underway, and you can find out more here.

  • The CTC Executive Committee is vital to our organization. This group, whose profile’s are here, is made up of the chairs of our various workgroups, 2 coalition co-chairs and 2 exec committee members-at-large, all of whom are up for election at our September 27th board meeting. Please make your nominations now by sending an email to CTC staff.

Past coalition updates

Twelve Talks to Have With Teens

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For the past 2 years, Jefferson County Communities That Care has held focus groups and town halls with about 150 diverse youth from Jefferson County, Colorado, to find out what was behind youth substance misuse, violence, hopelessness and anxiety. What we found out was simple, and yet also profound.

Our youth need more support, information, and conversations from trusted adults in their lives, especially parents and guardians.

Obviously, Twelve Talks to Have With Teens does not encompass every topic trusted adults need to discuss with youth. However, an extensive data collection project completed by Jefferson County Communities That Care in 2017 and 2018 indicates that these particular conversation topics are talks that:

  • Teens wish more adults would talk to them about; and,

  • Adults in Jefferson County could use tools to start the conversation and information to answer questions accurately.