Our Vision is a thriving, healthy & safe community for our youth.

Jefferson County Communities That Care is a coalition comprised of more than 100 stakeholders, community members, key leaders and youth. We use a structured, evidence-based community change process focused on preventing substance misuse, sexual/relationship violence and hopelessness/anxiety among youth in our community by reducing risk factors and improving protective factors.

Coalition Updates

Could you please?

We have a few to-dos that we hope you will help us with:

  • Take the new 12-minute community survey CTC helped create and is helping promote—and please send it out to your network. This survey is also being distributed by mail to a random sampling of Jeffco households.

  • Please continue to send free or paid youth opportunities you’d like to have promoted to local youth through our Instagram @jeffco_teens to Emily.

Updates & News

  • Jeffco CTC was honored by being featured by the Centers For Disease Control as a “coalition spotlight” for our youth engagement efforts:

“Jefferson County Communities That Care Coalition: Impressed with their work, Jeffco CTC hired four youth interns who are responsible for recruiting and engaging the new group of virtual youth interns. The accessibility of the virtual format appealed to so many teens that almost 40 youth applied. Reluctant to turn away passionate youth, the coalition accepted all the applicants and now have 36 enthusiastic youth interns. JeffCo CTC has enabled their youth to rise to the challenge of fighting substance use in their community. Their youths’ passion and proactive partnership with the school system have set them up for success in changing the policy in their school district. Read the full story here.”

  • Jeffco CTC is holding weekly virtual Youth Input Events to collect qualitative data from youth on a variety of topics from encouraging COVID 19 Vaccinations to how to support LQBTQIA+ youth. Youth ages 14-21 who live or go to school in Jeffco can register for upcoming input events via Instagram @jeffco_teens or here.

  • Pamela and several Jeffco CTC youth leaders, along with Arra Katona from Jeffco Libraries, hosted a skill building workshop on youth engagement at the Colorado Shared Risk & Protective Factors conference on Wednesday. The online youth internship toolkit I put together is here.

  • You are welcome to stop by JCPH (645 Parfet Street, Lakewood) during business hours M-Th to get a hard copy Jeffco CTC’s Youth Risk and Protective Factor’s data report or access it online here. Please reach out to Pamela with questions or if you would like multiple copies for your organization or agency.

Twelve Talks to Have With Teens

Thanks to all the community partners who promote the coalition’s Twelve Talks on their social media accounts! Remember to follow us on Instagram @twelve_talks!

    • June: Talk with Teens about Identity: Identity development is a central task of adolescent development. Who am I? How do I fit in? What is my role? What do I believe in? These are all key questions adolescents are asking themselves. Important dimensions of identity formation include race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation. Talking to an adult they trust can help youth form a positive sense of personal identity, so try asking open ended questions like: What do you think has the biggest influence on how you see yourself? What about how other people perceive you?

Past coalition updates

Upcoming Meetings

  • CTC board meetings take place on the 4th Thursday of the month from 8-9:30 AM; upcoming topics include:

    • June 24: Youth summer projects presentations, including data from our youth input events held so far. Please see the draft agenda here.

    • July 22: Community Action with Teens (CAT) initiative updates

    • August 26: At this special meeting, Jefferson County Libraries will host a Positive Youth Development Training specifically for the Jeffco CTC board, including discussions about how we can apply the principles to our CTC work, as well as our work at individual agencies or groups. (Note: training will last until 11 AM for those desiring certification)

  • Key Leaders meeting on Friday, August 13 from 9:00-9:30 AM Immediately following Jeffco Connections meeting (Note: the link is the same as for the Jeffco Connections meeting.)

  • Workgroup meetings are were the magic happens. Let Debby know if you would like to join a workgroup.

    • Twelve Talks to Have With Teens: Completing the site revisions & starting a Facebook page-- 3rd Thursdays from 2-3:30 PM

    • Social Emotional Learning & Health Education Policy: Working with Jeffco Schools to update policy and exploring ways to fill identified public health curriculum gaps-- 3rd Thursday from 10-11:30 AM

    • Risk & Protective Factor Data: Administration of surveys and analysis of data (more fun than it sounds)-- 4th Tuesday from 1-2 PM

    • Youth Engagement & Trustable Adults: Working towards an Out for Safe Spaces program & supporting/volunteering with our youth leadership program -- 2nd Tuesday from 1-2 PM

    • Policy & Substance Availability: Partnering with youth for policy change & CAT program implementation-- 4th Tuesday from 8:30-10 AM

    • LGBTQIA+ support: TBD

    • Executive: Board meeting agendas & administration-- 3rd Tuesday from 9:30-10:30 AM

About us

Find out more about the exciting work Jeffco CTC is doing to reduce risk factors and increase protective factors among youth in Jefferson County by watching these youth created videos.

Myria's Video

Thanks to everyone who was interviewed for this video project and to Myria for your amazing videography (and doing interviews remotely during a pandemic), editing and narration.

This video was originally created for our coalition's submission to the CDPHE Shared Risk and Protective Factor Approach to Substance Misuse Prevention Funding opportunity. However, it turned out so well that we plan to use it as a standard part of our new member orientation!

Learn more about our coalition

One pager - front and back - January 2021.pdf

Want to be part of our coalition's work or see how your organization can participate? We have lots of ways to get involved. Find out more. Email jcphctc@jeffco.us.

Twelve Talks to Have With Teens

We are sending out monthly emails to our 160+ Twelve Talks subscribers.

If you haven't subscribed, you should! Meanwhile, see a sample email here.

For the past 2 years, Jefferson County Communities That Care has held focus groups and town halls with about 150 diverse youth from Jefferson County, Colorado, to find out what was behind youth substance misuse, violence, hopelessness and anxiety. What we found out was simple, and yet also profound.

Our youth need more support, information, and conversations from trusted adults in their lives, especially parents and guardians.

Obviously, Twelve Talks to Have With Teens does not encompass every topic trusted adults need to discuss with youth. However, an extensive data collection project completed by Jefferson County Communities That Care in 2017 and 2018 indicates that these particular conversation topics are talks that:

  • Teens wish more adults would talk to them about; and,

  • Adults in Jefferson County could use tools to start the conversation and information to answer questions accurately.