Our Vision is a thriving, healthy & safe community for our youth.

Jefferson County Communities That Care is a coalition comprised of more than 100 stakeholders, community members, key leaders and youth. We use a structured, evidence-based community change process focused on preventing substance misuse, sexual/relationship violence and hopelessness/anxiety among youth in our community by reducing risk factors and improving protective factors.

Coalition Updates

  • Please register to attend the 2021 Jeffco CTC Annual Youth Voices Event on Thursday, April 22, 2021, 4:00 – 6:00 pm. The 2021 event will include a presentation of your 2021 Jefferson County Youth Risk & Protective Factors Data Report and presentations by our 35 youth interns and 4 youth leaders about changes they would like to see in our community. Please register here.

  • Our next board meeting is tomorrow, Thursday February 25 - 8-9:30 am? At the meeting, we will provide input to our youth regarding their policy proposals. We will also be inviting board members to several upcoming conferences. Please see the agenda here. If you need the Zoom link, please email Emily.

  • Check out our Instagram!

    • @twelve_talks includes conversation starters and great tips for talking with teens.

    • @jeffco_ctc is your place to let teens in our community know about opportunities. Let Emily know if you would like a youth opportunity posted (paid or no cost opportunities only, please).

  • And last, please post the March talk for Twelve Talks to Have With Teens about Medicine Misuse on Facebook or other social media. Here is a suggested post: Youth from Jefferson County report that sharing prescriptions happens, but is less common than other forms of substance misuse. Adults can protect teens by restricting teen access to both the teen’s own medications and others’ medications — and then safely disposing of unneeded medication. They can also protect them by having open conversations about this topic. One way to start could be a question such as: What would make someone take someone else’s prescription drugs?

Past coalition updates

About us

Find out more about the exciting work Jeffco CTC is doing to reduce risk factors and increase protective factors among youth in Jefferson County by watching these youth created videos.

Myria's Video

Thanks to everyone who was interviewed for this video project and to Myria for your amazing videography (and doing interviews remotely during a pandemic), editing and narration.

This video was originally created for our coalition's submission to the CDPHE Shared Risk and Protective Factor Approach to Substance Misuse Prevention Funding opportunity. However, it turned out so well that we plan to use it as a standard part of our new member orientation!

Learn more about our coalition

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Want to be part of our coalition's work or see how your organization can participate? We have lots of ways to get involved. Find out more. Email jcphctc@jeffco.us.

Twelve Talks to Have With Teens

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For the past 2 years, Jefferson County Communities That Care has held focus groups and town halls with about 150 diverse youth from Jefferson County, Colorado, to find out what was behind youth substance misuse, violence, hopelessness and anxiety. What we found out was simple, and yet also profound.

Our youth need more support, information, and conversations from trusted adults in their lives, especially parents and guardians.

Obviously, Twelve Talks to Have With Teens does not encompass every topic trusted adults need to discuss with youth. However, an extensive data collection project completed by Jefferson County Communities That Care in 2017 and 2018 indicates that these particular conversation topics are talks that:

  • Teens wish more adults would talk to them about; and,

  • Adults in Jefferson County could use tools to start the conversation and information to answer questions accurately.