Risk Reduction through Conformity

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Conformity reduces risk!™

What is Peer-to-Peer & Private Lending (P2PL)TM compliance?

If you are seeking to borrow or lend money on a non-institutional (peer-to-peer or private) basis, do you really know the credentials and qualifications of the people you are dealing with? In today's era of white-collar crime and fraud, you owe it to yourself to know that the parties you are working with are credible. Whether you are a borrower, lender or investor, you disclose a lot of personal confidential information in your business dealings. Make sure the people who receive your confidential information are credible.


P2PLTM Compliant individuals and companies meet rigorous requirements to ensure that they are credible and understand how to work in the peer-to-peer and private lending sector.

The risk of working with a non-compliant finance broker or lender can be severe. People have lost their identity, their money or their peace-of-mind, for trusting a party who is not credible. Once you understand the benefit of compliance, you will demand it. The more you know, the better you are.

What does Peer-to-Peer & Private Lending compliance do for you?

Regardless of whether or not you are a borrower, lender or investor, if you are working with a company or an individual who is Peer-to-Peer or Private Lending Compliant, then you know that you are working with credible parties, upfront.

See the Benefits of Compliance.

Are you dealing with a credible Finance Broker or Private Lender?

Borrowers: Look for the P2PLTM compliance logo at the offices of your finance broker (loan broker, mortgage broker) whenever you are seeking non-institutional credit. Demand it.

Private Lenders and Investors: Demand that your originators and referral sources are compliant -- it makes common sense.