Investing Your Money - World History and Current State of Direct Private Mortgage Lending

Direct Private Mortgage Investing Basics: 8%? 12%? 22%? Historical - Yes, Safe - Yes, Secure - Yes, Where? How? .... Really?

Direct Lending, Private Mortgage Investing is historical and for everyone

The Sahukaar's of India, Fangzhai of China, Merchants of Europe; these networks of individuals and families have loaned money secured by real estate (private equity mortgage lenders) for hundreds of years. You can too.

In today's world, anybody who has saved up some money can become a private mortgage lender. All you need are some basic training, a law firm and PEMX Registered Exchange Trader.

Direct Lending, Private Mortgage Investing: How does it work?

"Direct Mortgage Investment": This is the traditional method for investors to extend loans to borrowers for hundreds of years. A single investor (lender) agrees to loan money and secures the obligation by way of a registered mortgage on title of the property. Monthly payments are made directly to the lender. Broker's or "middlemen" might be involved to make introductions however after the mortgage is funded and the broker is paid a fee, the lender works directly with the borrower.

Direct Lending, Private Mortgage Investing

One excellent method of investing is to participate in the Private Mortgage Investment sector. Mortgages are essentially security (bond) instruments that provide investors current income (monthly payments) and principal appreciation at maturity (lender discount).

By investing in mortgage securities, you get monthly coupon payments and upon maturity of the mortgage term, the investor gets their principal returned along with any lender discount that might have been applied at the time of origination.

Better Yields and Less Risk than the Stock Market

Invest some of your surplus, accumulated wealth in mortgages and generate better annual yields - with far less risk - than the market. Learn more

Private Mortgage Investment Returns

Look at the PEMX mortgage yields chart to get an idea. Anywhere from 8% and up is absolutely normal, even during a financial crisis. Thousands of years of money lending history is not wrong.

Mortgages are everywhere

Private mortgage investing is a worldwide practice and an excellent way to invest your money for both the short term and the long term.

Mortgage security lasts forever, or until your money is repaid to you or you take ownership of the secured real estate

Unlike investments in non-mortgage instruments, mortgage security is registered on real estate via a land titles registry or escrow system. Your investment is secured against corresponding real estate and your interest in the property will remain until the mortgage "dies". Death of a mortgage security investment happens by either repayment of the original principal (along with accrued interest) or, when the underlying property is sold and all registered debts (mortgages, property taxes, liens) are paid.

Mortgage security gives you full control

When you are a mortgagee registered on title, you have full control with respect to what happens with the underlying property. If the property owner is in default and the property goes into foreclosure, as a mortgagee, you have several options, namely: you can sit back and watch the proceedings from the sidelines, or you can effect your own transaction and control the process of how the asset is liquidated. For example, if the property is listed for sale due to non-payment taxes (pursuant to a super-priority interest registered by the taxation authorities), you, as the mortgagee, have the ability to choose to pay the taxes on behalf of the mortgagor. You may also simply choose to allow the property to go into foreclosure and ultimately, judicial sale (conduct of sale) -- no problem. You might also choose to negotiate with the mortgagor in order to transfer the property into your name and offer mortgagor to lease the property back, or agree to sell it. When it comes to mortgage security, you have full control and can make decisions with respect to the asset based upon what suits you.

Benefits of Private Mortgage Investing

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Benefits of the PEMXTM Terminal

* An information and transaction exchange system created by private mortgage investors, for private mortgage investors.

* Cloud based Mortgage Origination & Investment Administration System

* Access to mortgage transactions originated by mortgage brokers throughout the world.

* Zero Defect Policy: Internationally recognized quality management system (ISO 9000 family of international standards for Quality Management) ensures errors and omissions are reduced or eliminated.

* Steady supply of mortgage investment opportunities that are organized in a uniform and coherent manner.

* Invest, divest or exchange private mortgage security instruments with other private mortgage investors throughout the world with EP5, our proprietary private mortgage exchange platform.

* Gain from our underwriting experience: APLUSTM a proprietary equity mortgage underwriting and risk assessment system helps you make good investmemt decisions.

* Intuitive, easy-to-read Mortgage Investor Dashboard (track your applicants, current and past borrowers, lawyers, title companies, appraisers, inspectors, unsigned and signed origination and security and registration documents in one central location).

* Our one-of-a-kind approach gives any private mortgage investor/lender the very best in quality organization, systems, performance and results.

Jurisdictions-of-Interest: where to find a quality managed, licensed private mortgage broker

As an investor, it is best to work with mortgage brokers who are licensed in a jurisdiction that you would like to invest in and have instituted rigorous quality management systems in order minimize errors and omissions. The PEMX Mortgage Exchange has established standing and ad hoc relationships with licensed private mortgage brokers in the following countries:

Standing Relationships:


ad hoc Relationships:


United Kingdom

United States

How to contact a quality managed, licensed private mortgage broker:

All licensed mortgage brokers are experts in the field of private mortgage investing and are members of, the organization of Accredited Class® private mortgage investors.

Regulatory Authorities in our Jurisdictions-of-Interest

When investing in a credit instrument anywhere, in any jurisdiction always use a lawyer who is licensed to practice in your jurisdiction-of-interest.


Federal Authority:

Australian Securities and Investments Commission


Federal Authority:

Department of Finance

Most provinces or territories have there own regulatory body

United Kingdom

Federal Authority:

FCA Financial Conduct Authority

United States

Principal Federal Authority:

U.S. Department of the Treasury

There are other federal authorities that have an input

Most states have there own regulatory body

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Additional Reading

*Rates of Return Chart Details

Past performance is not necessarily an indication of future performance.

Mortgage investments are fully secured by way of registration on property title.

Source of Treasury Bond Yields: Financial (CAN/USA), (AUS), Hargreaves Lansdown (UK)

Source of Gold Market Yields: Yahoo Finance/SPDR Gold Shares (GLD)

Private mortgage investment transactions are marketed in Canada by MortgageQuote Canada Corp.

Contact us for information on investing in other countries.