The fees paid by participants in our programs only covers a portion of the actual operating costs. As a non-profit organization, we operate a variety of fundraisers throughout the year to fund the rest. 

We are extremely grateful for all of our alumni and fans that support these fundraisers and/or make direct one-time or recurring donations.  Pride doesn't happen without all of you! Thank you! 

2023 Campaigns

Kickoff Campaign


Debbie Jackson

Aileen Fischer

Anthony Brant

Rebecca Kunz

Jordan Green

Melissa Babalonis

Marcie VanderWall


Doug Whisker

Ryan Alm

Donald Deems

Debbie Jackson

Mike Brown

Damara Marinello

Jerry and Michele Davis

Del Duke


Angel Boulis

Austin Katona

Brett Bushnell

Brian Vuong

Diana Fitzgerald

Del Duke

Felipe Mendoza

Heather Gazvoda

Jacob Kalemba

Jamie Scott

John Burns

Kailey Portwood

Kara Markworth

Keith Potter

Kelsey Klawonn

Kristi Bushnell

Megan Dufala

Monica Justice

Nicholas Mennecke

Quinn Bushnell

Richard Bays

Robby Saner

Robin Wells

Shannon Garcia

Travis Speice

Giving Tuesday

Del Duke Ryan Alm Dan Ollier Mike Brown  

Patsy Simmons Holly Talbott Cindy Shiver  

Matching Campaign

Mike Brown Del Duke Marissa Leach Roger Sanders

Sierra Bennett Holly Talbott Jim Revis Chris Hartowitz

Lori Valenzuela Kelsey Klawonn Kelsey Klawonn Jennifer Peterman 

Amy Martin Michael Gaines Donald Deems Damara & Tony Marinello

Rosie Queen Connie Duguid Byron Valentine Jeff Newton 

Dan Carl Lucas Bash  Angelique Hope Cindy Shiver

Brandy Klette Nicholas Mennecke Todd Barnhart Rebecca Compton-Allen

Robert Beavers Andrew Toth Sue Kuehnhold Jerry Johns

Theodora Vargas Shannon Causey Judith Judy Terrance Cockrill 

Thomas Taylor Amber Bundy Sylvia Vos Patsy Simmons 

rbara Nitecki-Soules Jeff Sowards Roger & Mary Ellen Sanders Makenna Cook

Todd Prince Larry Rebillot Tamer Nguyen Christin Palumbo-Minder 

Nick Wilson Joshua Waite Julie Jackson Sandy Kuntz 

Lauren Lawhead Amanda Chenoweth Amy Schrobilgen Burdt George Pinney 

Christine (TC) Hitchcock Kimberly Bolduc Susan Simmons Christopher Wray 

Caitlin Presley Eryn Boone  Kristi Bushnell Trevor Rowland-Davis 

Keith Potter Jeleesa Levy