FAQ about the Season

Winter Guard FAQ


What is the schedule?

Click here for the 2025 Calendar.  


How much are annual dues?

We have tried to keep dues as low as possible for as long as possible while offering a World Class experience. Membership dues for 2025 are $3,000. There will be fundraising opportunities to help offset this total.

Where does the guard rehearse? 

Pride will be having a majority of its rehearsals in the Indianapolis area for the 2025 season.  We will compete in a combination of Tri-State, MEPA, IHSCGA and WGI Shows. 


Am I responsible for my own housing on camp weekends?

Sometimes.  A majority of rehearsal weekends, the guard will be housed at the rehearsal facility.  When we do, all members are required to stay there.  

For some weekends when this option is unavailable, members will be responsible for their own housing, either in the Indianapolis area or close to other rehearsal and show sites.  Ample notice will be given to make arrangements.  

For WGI Week, the guard will stay together in the Dayton area, and housing is provided. 


Are there age limits for membership?

Pride of Cincinnati has an age minimum of at least 18, but there is no upper age limit.