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Last updated Monday May 19, 2019

Submitting White Papers and Initiative Proposals

We now are accepting proposals for strategic initiatives within FES, and also informational white papers. Calls for starting, continuing, or upgrading a major facility or program within FES should be submitted as initiative proposals. There are no restrictions on the format of informational white papers, but initiative proposals must use the template provided below. To submit,

  1. For initiative proposals, download and review the initiatives template in your preferred file format: pdf, Google Doc .gdoc, MS Word .docx, Apple iWork .pages
  2. Draft your submission as sole author or with colleagues, identifying lead/contact author
  3. Name you submission title and version like [Title] [version].pdf with v1, v2, etc... Versions allow the program committee to identify refinements and updates to initiatives throughout the community process.
  4. Submit your initiative or white paper (one at a time) to the Google form linked below. Because this form places a file on a Google Drive, you will need to log into a Google enabled account to perform the submission.

Submissions will be stored in a Google Drive, and will be made publicly available for review and comment during this process. However, to encourage the early submission of white papers and initiative proposals, only the titles and contact/lead authors will be posted at this time. Please do not post copyrighted material -- this cannot be made publicly available.

Submitted Initiative Proposals and White Papers

DPP-CPP Initiative Submission (Public)