Second Community Workshop for High Energy Density Physics

November 12-14, 2019 SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Menlo Park, CA


We have a limited number of talks available at the workshop so some speakers may be asked to present at one of two webinars to be held on October 29th and November 4th. Details regarding the webinars, including links to the remote sessions, are below. At the webinars we will also be presenting the draft "tent-pole" initiatives, discussed in the next section.

1st HEDP CPP Webinar Oct. 29, 11 am - 1 pm EST

Zoom Meeting ID: 749-916-115

2nd HEDP CPP Webinar Nov. 4, 1-3 pm EST

Zoom Meeting ID: 144-534-027


At this workshop we will be presenting the draft "tent-pole" initiatives, which will be discussed in detail in preparation for the all-FES community "Snowmass" meeting to be held in January 2020. Below is the draft list of these initiatives chosen by the HEDP subcommittee based on input from the first workshop, and which we believe encompasses the breadth of HEDP. All of these initiatives will include experimental, diagnostic, and modeling aspects, together forming a bold vision for the future of HEDP within Fusion Energy Sciences.

1. LaserNet US - A high intensity laser network for frontier plasma science in the US

2. Inertial Fusion Energy Science and Technology Program

3. Frontier HED Science on the LCLS MEC Instrument

4. Magnetized HED Science and Pulsed Power Technology

5. Particle and Radiation Sources

As we have previously emphasized, Consensus is Key, your input on the above initiatives is imperative to the future of HEDP within FES. You will have the opportunity to give input prior to and at the next meeting.

Below is the summary report of the first HEDP workshop. Summary presentations for each topical area can be found here.

HEDP Workshop Summary.pdf


Please complete the Registration Form to register for the second HEDP Community Workshop. There is no registration fee.

The registration deadline is November 8, 2019.


The second HEDP Community Workshop will be held at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory in Menlo Park, CA on Tuesday through Thursday, November 12-14, 2019.

The group meeting will be held in the Kavli Auditorium at SLAC; breakout sessions will be held in the Berryess, Almanor, Havasu, Toluca, and Tulare rooms at SLAC.

Rooms have been reserved for Tuesday through Thursday, November 11-14, at the following hotels:

  • The Stanford Guest House, $174/night for one queen bed, $214/night for two queen beds. You can make reservations here (select SLAC) or call 650-926-2800. Please use Group Code APS19.

Guests must make their reservation by September 28, 2019.

Attendees will be on their own for meals. There are many restaurants in the vicinity of the hotel. Mid-morning and mid-afternoon coffee / snack breaks will be provided.

Additional information on visiting SLAC, including local transportation and dining options, can be found here.

Entry and Access to SLAC

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Directions to SLAC can be found here.

There is a parking lot on site at SLAC. Parking is free.


The agenda for the workshop is shown below. Remote participants can attend the appropriate session by clicking the corresponding Remote Link below, which will connect you to a Zoom meeting for that session. Zoom session links are only valid for the date listed.

Zoom Sessions