APS-DPP Community Planning Process

Identifying scientific and technological opportunities in the fields of Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy Science

Phase I of the 2019-2020 Community Planning Process is now complete. Thank you for your participation!

The final report of the CPP and community input to this process, including white papers, initiative proposals, expert group documents, workshop agendas, and presentations, will be archived on this website.

Click here to download a copy of the CPP Strategic Plan. This report represents the output of an open and transparent process, in which input was received from town halls, webinars, hundreds of small group discussions among subject matter experts, dedicated workshops, and focus group discussions. This is the final report of this phase of the community planning process. A FESAC subcommittee will now take up the next phase of this process, using this report to fulfill the charge for long-range strategic planning issued by DOE.

Click here to endorse the CPP Strategic Plan. By endorsing this plan, you are helping to send a message that we are united in pursuing our shared goals to advance our knowledge of plasma physics and to achieve fusion energy as a power source for the U.S. and the world.

Click here to view endorsements of the CPP Strategic Plan.

Click here do download the CPP co-chairs' presentation delivered to FESAC on March 16, 2020.

Click here to go to the Phase II website. The DOE Fusion Energy Sciences Advisory Committee Long Range Planning (LRP) Activity is underway

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A calendar of events and announcements

Initiative proposals and white papers submitted by advocates in the community, and expert group reviews of this input

Open community groups for evaluating initiative proposals, and defining strategic elements

The organizational structure and key contacts

Presentations from the CPP and reports from previous workshops and activities