Get started with pleasepoint platform

Pleasepoint is a powerful customer intelligence platform. Start one-to-one personalization in minutes.

User manual.

Get started using Pleasepoint platform to personalize your eCommerce interactions and your CRM campaigns with one-to-one recommendations, Customer Lifetime Value and buyer-persona information.

Get introduced to Pleasepoint, the Customer Intelligence platform.

Data architecture on how-to start using Pleasepoint Artificial Intelligence.

Get introduced to the overview information of your customers.

Get introduced to the Datalake module to save all your Customer data.

Get introduced to the Customer Lifetime Value machine learning model.

Get introduced to the buyer-persona machine learning models.

Get introduced to the one-to-one product recommendation deep learning models.

Get introduced to the business rules for your one-to-one recommendation.

Get introduced on how-to train a new deep learning model for your recommendations.

Get introduced on how to launch a one-to-one recommendation for your CRM.

Get introduced to the customer segments for your eCommerce and CRM actions.

Get introduced on how to compare two customer segments performance.

Get introduced to the general user settings for the Pleasepoint platform.

Get introduced to the general settings for Pleasepoint platform.