one-to-one api

Get recommendations

Get recommendations is a One-to-one API method to get the hiper-personalized product recommendation for one user in real-time.

Is used to get a list of one-to-one recommended products for a specific user. Deploy slug and user reference id are required to get the product recommendation list. For a better recommendation experience, you can use the business rules. This field is optional for the GetRecommendations method.

Using the sidebar go to One-to-one section and select your trained model.

On the first tab you will find the real time access. You can test the recommendation using the form to configure the request:

  1. Select your recommendation training to be used.

  2. Select the business rule to be used.

  3. Write the user reference id to get recommendation for this user.

  4. Write the number of products you want to get.

When you click Get recommendation button you can check which are the product recommended for the user. Also you will see which are the previous customer purchases.

How to use the API?

Click on Show API call button to get all the info to make the same call you are making on your test.

This is the URL to make the POST request:

Input fields

  • account_id: Your account id. This field is mandatory.

  • private_api_key: Your private API key. This field is mandatory.

  • ssid: The API SSID key. This field is mandatory.

  • deploy_slug: The trained model slug. This field is mandatory.

  • user_reference_id: The customer reference id. This field is mandatory.

  • num_items: The number of products you want to get recommended. The default value is 10.

  • rule_slug: The business rule slug. This field is optional and must be a valid business rule.

Login in your account to get the account_id, private_api_key and the ssid values.

API response


"status": "ok",

"data": [


"product": {

"reference_id:": 3890022,

"name": "Corrector de postura",

"description": "Agradable para la piel.",

"price": 9.99


"score": 0.8275196



"product": {

"reference_id:": 3746211,

"name": "Cojín de equilibrio",

"description": "Múltiples usos.",

"price": 5.99


"score": 0.0064821



"product": {

"reference_id:": 374688,

"name": "Afiladora",

"description": "Afila cuchillas, brocas y cinceles de forma rápida y sencilla.",

"price": 22.99


"score": 0.0043875