2021 AGM

Pleasantview Annual General Meeting

Thursday, June 24 at 7:00 pm via Zoom

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Road Open

- reduced to one lane


We anticipate our repair work to be completed and the intersection to be reopened at the end of July 2021. However, the work and timelines are estimates and may change based on safety and work conditions and the condition assessment of the drainage infrastructure as the project progresses. The bypass will run 24/7 until it is removed, to manage the sanitary flows for our customers. We expect to remove the bypass in mid-May.

Typical hours of work will continue to be from 7am to 5:30pm, Monday to Saturday. If required, these hours may be extended.


Residents will continue to notice sewer odours in the area as a result of the bypass. While there are sewer odours present at the work site, there have also been

strong odours reported at the intersection of 61 Ave and 106 St, east of the work site. We believe odour from the bypass is being pushed downstream in the system and venting out of the catch basins on the street

at 106 St. We are monitoring sewer odour levels in the area and are working to implement solutions to reduce the odours.

The pumps and generators for the bypass will also continue to create noise, as will the construction equipment and activity for the repair. We have been monitoring noise levels and will do everything possible to manage noise associated with the construction.



The intersection of 61 Ave and 109 St is closed for the duration of our repair work. As a result, there are significant traffic impacts in the area as outlined on the map.

We continue to work with the City of Edmonton to address traffic issues that arise as a result of the closed intersection. The City of Edmonton traffic group is responsible for determining the traffic plan, including recommended detours, with input from EPCOR. The City has made changes to the set-up of traffic signs and barricades to address the traffic concerns that have been raised. We have also requested Traffic Enforcement monitor the area for traffic infractions.

We expect the intersection to remain closed until the end of July 2021. We ask that motorists take their time, follow signage and consider taking alternate routes if possible. The following traffic impacts remain in effect:

• Westbound 63 Ave is reduced to one lane starting at Gateway Blvd.

• Westbound 61 Ave is closed at 109 St and traffic is redirected to 109 St northbound.

• Eastbound 61 Ave, west of the intersection, is closed at 109 St and traffic is redirected to 109 St northbound.

• Eastbound 61 Ave, east of the intersection, is reduced to one lane until 106 St.

• Northbound 109 St from the Pleasantview neighbourhood is closed. Access to the Husky and Circle K will be maintained from both entrances.

• Southbound 109 St will be closed at 63 Ave and redirected to westbound 61 Ave.

• One lane of southbound 109 St is open adjacent to the McDonald’s to provide customer access to the restaurant from the east entrance. The only exit from the McDonald’s is northbound 109 St.

• Access to the back lane west of 109 St and north of 60 Ave is closed from 109 St. Access to the back lane will be maintained from 110 St/60 Ave.


• Gateway Blvd and 82 Ave

• Calgary Trail and 51 Ave

• 111 St and 51 Ave


We continue to receive concerning reports of traffic signs and barricades being moved to block portions of the road in an effort to reduce traffic entering local streets from 109 St. This is a serious safety concern, as it is creating confusion and visibility issues for motorists and has caused near traffic incidents. Residents should not move or modify signs and barricades, and EPCOR has asked the City of Edmonton to monitor the area and ticket anyone found to be relocating signs and/or barricades. This is a $250 ticket.

The construction area in the intersection will continue to be fenced and marked as restricted. We will take every precaution to ensure public safety, and we request your assistance in keeping a safe distance from the construction site and the equipment. Please continue to leave the signs and barricades in place, and let us know if any have been moved.


EPCOR is closely monitoring our work related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Protocols are in place to protect the health of customers and our employees and teams while they perform essential work. We ask residents to please keep a safe two-metre distance from our crews.


Phone: 780-509-8080


Pleasantview Neighbourhood Renewal:

Looking for more information please visit:

Community Feedback on Draft Design

You are invited to view and provide feedback on the Draft Design for Pleasantview Neighbourhood Renewal. The Draft Design includes plans for walking, biking, driving and playing in Pleasantview such as:

+ Pedestrian sidewalks and crossings

+ Bike lane locations and types

+ Traffic calming

+ Design options for parks and open spaces

To engage with us:

Review the Draft Design booklet

This digital booklet will guide you through all of the walking, biking, driving and playing changes and improvements included in the Draft Design for Pleasantview's neighbourhood renewal.

Ask the project team a question

Visit to submit a question to the Pleasantview Neighbourhood Renewal project team.

Attend the live online event

Join us live online as the project team walks you through the Draft Design, answers your questions, and listens to your comments.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020 from 6:30 - 7:30 p.m.

Complete the online survey

Tell us what you think about the Draft Design. The survey is available on and is open until December 2, 2020.

No access to online?

If you do not have internet access, please contact Chris McMorran, Project Manager at or 780-423-1448 to arrange for a paper copy of the Draft Design survey to be delivered to you or visit one of our neighbourhood drop boxes to pick up or drop off a hard copy version of the Draft Design survey.

Thank you to everyone for engaging with us as we move towards a Final Design for Pleasantview's Neighbourhood Renewal.

Wanna have a voice in the community playground renewal??

Take the survey below to voice your opinion!