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Hello everyone,

It has been a difficult 9 months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Chief Medical Officer of Health orders have impacted our Community League activities. For example, we had to stop renting our facilities for weddings and other events, which significantly affected the revenue we use to pay for social events and other activities. Unable to host community socials in the hall resulted in our popular Fall Potluck to be replaced with a non-potluck, physically distanced event outside. Our Halloween Family Dance became a Halloween Candy Drive and Scheduled Candy Pick-up… and it goes on.

Through it all, our volunteer Board of Directors faced some tough decisions. Given all the restrictions and evolving COVID situation, how do we ensure we are compliant with the CMOH orders while balancing our accountability to be fiscally responsible and manage appropriately while trying to keep our Community League members safe and provide opportunities to be socially engaged? It has not been easy. I applaud the Board members for their thoughtful discussions, creativity, and resourcefulness.

Most recently, we had to decide about ice rinks. As you likely know, we decided to not open the large hockey rink but to make available two sheets of ice in the tennis courts. This decision was not made lightly. We had a choice of 1) not opening any rinks, 2) open either the hockey rink or the two courts sheets of ice or 3) open all. There was much discussion and differing perspectives that were shared. I would like to recognize our rink management crew for an excellent proposal in how we could offer skating this year given our situation given COVID restrictions.

In the end we decided based what we knew at the time:

1. Lack of rental revenues to pay for the normal ice program i.e., creating and maintaining the large hockey rink plus tennis courts. We pay our skilled rink management team to do this (this reflects in the excellent reputation our hockey rink had in the city).

2. Offer from the rink management team to reduce their expense if ice making and maintenance was limited to the tennis courts.

3. Liability –Our insurance company informed us that our liability and responsibility go hand in hand with what we offer to the public. We have been advised that organized hockey and shinny games are strongly discouraged. Also, boarded rinks require surface cleaning between cohort use. We could be held responsible in the event someone contracted COVID-19 from exposure at a community managed or organized activity or program.

4. Safety – Limits of 10 people at a time, per sheet of ice. Leagues are required to ensure sanitizing of boards and surfaces of boarded rinks between cohorts.

5. Lack of normal fitness programs and limited recreation Centre in Edmonton affects residents. Needed an option that supports the greatest number of residents to skate.

As a Board we agreed that the option of free drop in skating, making, and maintaining ice on the tennis courts best met the requirements and situation at the time. Rink use is at the user’s own risk. Signage identifies such and the guidelines for use are posted. Two sheets of ice provide more opportunity for skating for different groups versus one sheet. In addition, we are seeing significant operational cost savings by not opening all sheets. We hope that you or your neighbours will be able to skate and enjoy the two sheets of ice this winter. Please stay safe.

Sincerely, Linda, President

Looking to go skating? First read up on these restrictions:

For more information please see the ice rinks page.

Rink Hours: 4pm-9pm Weekdays and 11am-9pm Weekends
(Weather dependent)

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