Ice Rinks

The main rink is not in use this year (only tennis court rinks open, see below).
We look forward to having you at our rinks!
For safety, and to allow the rink to remain open this season, please follow all AHS guidelines and the below policies (updated December 19, 2020).

2020/2021 Rink Layout:

(The tennis court rink has been divided in half to assist with distancing)

Rink Admission:

Rink admission is free with valid and up to date EFCL membership and skate tags.

No EFCL membership? Visit the memberships page to obtain a membership.

Pleasantview Specific
2020/2021 Operating Policies:

  1. No access to the rink building. Changing at home or at your vehicle is recommended. The use of skate guards is recommended.

  2. Rinks will be open 4-9pm weekdays, 11am-9pm weekends (weather dependent).

  3. No self-serve shovels available at the rink. Bringing shovels is recommended if it snows prior to or during rink hours.