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Course choice information 2022

Welcome to our learner pathways site. Here you can find all the information and advice related to course choice to help inform your future pathway decisions.

SQA Information

National Courses Awarded by the SQA

National 3- No examination – assessed internally in school

National 4-No examination – assessed internally in school

National 5-Most subjects assessed in school and by external examination

Higher-Assessed in school and by external examination

Advanced Higher-Assessed in school and by external examination

NPA-Mostly assessed in school

Information about the examination system, past papers and other useful help and advice for students and parents can be found on the SQA website:

Senior Phase Information

In the Senior Phase, our curriculum aims to offer our pupils, relevant, appropriate and attractive choices to continue their learning. We aim to provide courses and experiences which will give our pupils the best possible chances of securing long term employment or entering further or higher education.

For S4 pupils, there are three different levels of course within the National Qualifications framework – National 3, National 4 and National 5. There are also courses at National 1 and 2 which can be offered in exceptional circumstances. In S5 and S6, we also offer courses at Higher and at Advanced Higher levels. To progress to a course at Higher level, pupils would normally need to have secured a pass in the subject at National 5. Similarly, to progress to Advanced Higher, a pass at Higher is required. Much greater detail on the content of courses as well as the suggested entry requirements can be found in the course choice information on our website. In S5/6 pupils can follow a traditional academic pathway or opt for a more employment ready pathway or follow a clear vocational pathway delivered in partnership with our college partners. All pupils in S5 will have three periods related to study skills and personal study. These cover health and well-being activities and topics pertinent to this age group as well as provide opportunities to engage in activities of personal interest such as oriental cooking, positive thinking and reading for pleasure. As well as studying subjects that will lead to formal qualifications in this phase, S6 pupils have the opportunity to enhance their learning through planned opportunities such as elective classes, work experience, voluntary work, and peer support for example. Some of these opportunities are accredited such as Saltire Awards for volunteering, Duke of Edinburgh Award, Sports Leaders Award, Personal Development Award and Youth Achievement Awards.

All of our courses in S5 and S6 will be from within the National Qualifications framework. There will be courses on offer which will allow you to continue your studies.

Level of study Recommended entry qualifications

National 4 BGE or National 3

National 5 National 4

Higher Course National 5

Advanced Higher Course Higher pass in subject of choice

These entry qualifications are only intended as an indication. Individual circumstances will be considered and if in doubt, you should talk to your teachers.

Guidance and support staff assist pupils in gathering information about potential careers and in making the transition to employment or further and higher education. A significant amount of time is spent in PSE in the senior phase on providing guidance on writing effective personal statements to support applications to universities, colleges and the world of work.

Course choice information evenings held on Teams

S2-17th January 6pm

S3-17th January 7pm

S4-S6-1st February 6pm

Please find the presentations below from the S2 and S3 information evening.

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S4 Course choice 2022.pptx
S5 Course choice 2022.pptx
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FA Coordinator Powerpoint 2022 S2S3.ppt
Senior Course Choice Evening Presentation.pptx