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August/September Newsletter

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Attention Sophomores!

Your new counselors have begun to have their "Sophomore Meetings" in their offices in the Low Building. If you have not yet met the counselor you will have for the rest of high school, please follow this link to schedule your appointment. You will need to check Aspen to see who your counselor is. Please only schedule appointments during study or lunch periods. Meetings scheduled during class time will be rescheduled.

Red Ribbon Week

Julie Donovan, along with the newly formed Positive Action Committee, assistance from the School Counseling department and various organizations on campus will be hosting events for the upcoming Red Ribbon Week. This national drug awareness campaign, taking place between October 23rd and the 31st, will provide Pinkerton students with the opportunity to take the pledge to be drug free. In addition, Ms. Donovan and student leaders through AMP will be providing drug prevention education through classroom guided lessons and small group exercises. For a list of resources connected to Red Ribbon Week, please click here.

This initiative is open to all Pinkerton students to participate in, interested parties should contact Julie Donovan at jdonovan@pinkertonacademy.org or 603-437-5200 ext. 1118.

Unable to attend the Financial Aide presentation by New Hampshire Higher Education Assistance Foundation, or do you still have questions after attending the presentation? We have attached the materials here for review. If you have any further questions about the Financial Process, NHHEAF is available by phone or email to answer whatever questions you might have! If you require help completing the FAFSA, they also book individual appointments to help complete that document.

Their contact information can be found here.

Financial_Aid_Night (1).pdf

On October 11th 2018 Pinkerton Academy's new Prevention Specialist, Julie Donovan, organized resources from the local community to spread awareness to parents and students about the issues of vaping. Partnering with Laurie Warnock from Northern New England Poison Control and Dr. Chris Peterson of Londonderry Pediatrics, these specialists presented valuable information about the dangers of vaping including the toxic chemicals in vape juice, along with the potential for the addiction to nicotine. These presenters noted that this a widespread epidemic affecting adolescents statewide, and is not centralized to Pinkerton Academy.

RedRibbonWeek - Spirit Week Flyer.pdf

Calling All Students:

Do you wish you could make positive changes on our campus? Do you care about making Pinkerton a safe and happy place to be for everyone? Are you looking for a group to join that you can help to start from the beginning? If you said “yes” to any of the above, the PAC is for YOU!

This new group will allow students the opportunity to identify issues on campus that are important to them. Together, the members will create solutions by developing positive actions. This group will also participate in important National Initiatives such as the Red Ribbon Campaign, Alcohol Awareness, Positive Vibes for positive change and more. This group will meet once a month on Wednesdays after school in the School Counseling Office. Contact Mrs. Donovan with any questions. jdonovan@pinkertonacademy.org

Seniors, do you have a plan for next year?

The Counseling staff is available to discuss the college applications process and address any questions or concerns you may have. We will be meeting with students one on one to discuss in detail your plans for after high school and how to go about turning them into a reality! You will be receiving a pass during your A period classes to come up to the Low School Counseling office, if for some reason you cannot attend this meeting please email your counselor to reschedule for a different time.

Depending on the path you are considering for after high school, you might want to keep some of the following things in mind:

  • Four Year College: Start familiarizing yourself with Naviance and the Common Application. Many colleges will need you to complete the Common Application to apply, while some may have their own applications to fill out. Whatever the application process is, every school you are applying to needs to be reflected in Naviance so that your Counselor can make sure your transcripts and letters of recommendation arrive on time. Pay attention to deadlines! Many early action deadlines begin popping up in November and December, make sure these are accurately represented in Naviance. If you are thinking about retaking SATs, check the list of available dates on Collegeboard You will need to have your letters of recommendations requested in Naviance prior to any deadlines. For any questions about Naviance, please see our Naviance FAQ, or contact your School Counselor.
  • Two Year College/Technical Schools: Consult programs of studies to see what available majors or certification programs best fit your needs and desired outcome. Consider taking a tour and attending an open house night to learn more about the offerings and requirements of programs, and to get a first hand look at the school itself. Schools that you apply to need to be listed in Naviance so that the counselor can send your transcript to the Admissions department.
  • Military: Check the School Counseling department website for updated lists of when recruiters from various branches will be on campus. Also consider consulting a recruiter outside of school for more immediate answers to any pressing questions you might have. Pinkerton Academy will be offering the ASVAB exam on December 6th. If you have not taken this exam by then, please consider signing up for it!
  • Entering the Workforce: Start developing a resume! Work with teachers that you may have through CTE programs or through the CTE office to research internship possibilities. Research specific job traits, like qualifications and pay through Naviance and ONET.
  • If you are interested in attending one of the Military Academies, please review the following information:

Senator Shaheen's office is currently accepting applications for Congressional nomination. If interested, please go to her website. The deadline for submission is October 5th. Should you have any questions, please contact Peter Clark at 503-647-7500.

Attention Juniors!

The rumors are true! Junior year is important. It is the last full year of school that you will have on the transcripts that get sent out to colleges next fall. This will be a big indicator for admissions department about what kind of student you are, and more importantly, what kind of student you will become.

All credit bearing juniors will be taking the SATs this year. If you would like to study for this exam, we suggest using the resources available on Khan Academy. Your account through this site can provide you with free tutoring to help maximize your effort. Once your SAT is completed, Khan Academy will analyze your test and provide more detailed tutoring in your areas of deficit. This is a great resource to help you get the best score possible! And remember, Collegeboard uses a super-scoring system for the SATs. This means that they will use the best score from each section to create your best combined overall score, regardless of how many times you take the SAT. In short, you can never do worse than the first time you take the test!

For those interested in career and technical development, work with your teachers in your programs this year to see about the possibility of completing an internship with Mr. Cullen next year. These are great opportunities to work outside of school and possibility secure a job for when you leave high school.

If you are interested in starting a CTE program next year, please consult the school Course Catalog and your School Counselor to make sure that you have completed any prerequisite classes.

If you have fallen behind on credits, be sure to consult with your School Counselor to come up with a plan to get you towards graduation!


It is never too early to start planning on ahead! Anyone who is planning on attending a 4 year college after high school should be seriously considering taking chemistry, a third year of foreign language, and joining clubs/teams/activities or volunteering. Remember to request levels which are the best fit and will allow you to find the most success. Do not take on more than you can handle. It is always best to consult college websites, or search features in Collegeboard and/or Naviance to understand exact requirements. Consult NCAA guidelines and NH Scholar requirements to be sure you are meeting expectations if these are important to you. If you are interested in enrolling in a CTE program in the future, particularly any double period courses, make sure you are working now to complete additional graduation requirements such as Art, Technology, PE, etc. You should also be consulting the course catalog to make sure you are getting any prerequisites done during your sophomore year. As always, we are here to help. Let your counselor know if you need assistance.

Who we are and what we do:

Our counseling staff works diligently to provide a comprehensive, developmental and preventative counseling program to ensure every student reaches their highest potential in the areas of academics, career, and personal/social development. Through counseling and consultation experiences, with a data-driven and collaborative approachs, students acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes that encourage them to be effective students, responsible citizens, productive workers and life long learners in an ever-changing world.

We believe each student is a unique, developing, capable individual who will learn from experience and grows personally, socially and educationally throughout adolescence. Respectful of individual differences, the program assists and supports students as they begin to understand themselves, develop decision-making, problem solving skills, and plans for the future. In addition to providing educational and career information, the program seeks to promote each student’s desire to maximize his/her potential in preparation for success in further education or a career. Counseling promotes effective communication and life planning skills that help students grow in all aspects of their life.

Delivery of Service:

Academic Planning- Beginning in student’s freshman year, the counseling staff works with students to ensure that not only are they on track to graduate, but have the opportunity to explore potential career pathways that may be of interest to them. Pinkerton Academy offers many electives in each academic disciplines, and a comprehensive Career and Technical Education Department as well. Some of the offerings includes: Health Science Technology, Automotive, Animal Science, Building, Engineering, Manufacturing, Welding, Computer Systems Networking and Maintenance, Culinary Arts, Business and Marketing, and more! Incoming freshman students are encouraged to make a 5 year plan to ensure they work efficiently with their counselor to maximize their short time at PA!

College and Career Counseling- We believe that one of our most important roles working with students is to assist them as they develop a plan and trajectory for their transition out of high school. We understand that this can take many forms, whether a student goes to college, a trade school, workforce in the military, or speciality programs. We are always on hand to lend advice, guidance and support to students. We work closely throughout a student’s freshman and sophomore years to help them identify their interests and abilities then determine how that best relates to a potential career. During student’s junior and senior years, we work with students through the process of pursuing post-secondary educational and career goals.

Group Counseling- The PA Counseling Staff operates group counseling experiences on a rotating basis throughout the year. It is our belief that student’s can make significant strides to overcome whatever their troubles may be if they build strength through their peers under supervision. Students will recognize these new allies throughout campus and will be able to offer support and reassurance as needed. We offer groups focusing on many topics, including: Anger Management, Fostering Student Connections, Building Strong Women, Substance Use Issues, Social Skills, Anxiety, and more.

Classroom Curriculum- At varying times during the year, the PA counselors work in different classrooms to help build student understanding of complex topics that can greatly impact their high school experience. These topics often include: study skills, career pathways research, social media use, bullying, and the college application process . By meeting students on their “turf”, we can work with a large group in a short amount of time provide students with information and practical experience on how use this information in a structured but independent environment.

Crisis Intervention- Pinkerton Counselors are on staff throughout the day to help students and families deal with urgent situations that may arise. We work quickly and effectively to help students manage whatever their crisis may be, and set a plan to continue on with their school day. Should the crisis preclude them from continuing with their academics, we work with families and community supports to connect them to the help that they need as they navigate through their difficult time.

Please click here to see our School Counseling contact page to identify your student’s counselor.

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