Considering whether to retire is one of the most difficult decisions a career professional can make. Careful planning about the transition from employment to retirement will enhance your ability to be successful in a more smooth and effective manner. The process may appear daunting, but with a little guidance, it is straightforward!

SAU 48 Retirement Checklist:

1. Make an appointment with your building principal to share your intentions to retire.

2. Write a letter of intent to the Superintendent, Mrs. Kyla Welch.

3. Make an appointment with Lynn Davis ( at the SAU office to discuss the continuation of benefits (ex: health and dental plans), or to ask any particular questions or concerns you may have regarding district requirements.

4. Make an appointment with the NH Retirement System. It is recommended that you make your appointment in the fall of your final contract year (they are extremely busy in the spring making it more difficult to easily schedule an appointment).

NOTE: SAU 48 does not require any district forms connected to notification of retirement; however, there are several forms that are required by the State of New Hampshire Retirement System. Not all forms are required for all retirees; NHRS will clarify which forms are necessary for your particular plan. These forms must be completed and submitted to NHRS to apply for retirement. All required forms and copies must be submitted at least 30, but not more than 90 days prior to the effective date of retirement, which is always the first of the month.

The filing period for a July 1st retirement is from April 2nd until June 1st. The NHRS requires the application form within that time period.

Helpful Tips for Navigating the NH Retirement System (advice from recent SAU 48 Retires)

1. In the beginning stages of the process when you are thinking about retiring, attend one of the late afternoon workshops hosted by NHRS at their office in Concord. They are incredibly informative!

2. Contact a Financial Advisor to find out all of your options before making any serious decisions about retiring (Veronica Barton has offered to assist all SAU 48 employees with beginning the process: 603-726-1779 |

3. Contact the SAU Office to obtain a copy of your "Service Years" record, and then check it against what Social Security & the NHRS have on record. There may be discrepancies, which could impact your benefits and / or complicate the process.

4. Always avoid waiting too long to finalize NHRS retirement details. The closer to June, the busier the NHRS offices become; mid-May, June appointments may be difficult to schedule.

5. Make an appointment with NHRS for early fall of your final year of employment to find out essential details and / or tasks that need to be completed before the final application is processed.

6. Call NHRS with any questions pertaining to your specific circumstances; they can answer most questions in a timely manor.

SAU 48 Collaborative Bargaining Agreements - Retirement


Notice of one’s intention to retire under this plan must be submitted in writing to the Superintendent of Schools no later than December 1st of the year prior to the last two years of employment.


Interested and eligible employees must notify the Superintendent of Schools of their intent to retire by November 1st of the preceding year.


Notice of one’s intention to retire under this plan must be submitted in writing to the Superintendent of Schools no later than November 1st of the last full year of full-time employment.


Interested and eligible employees must notify the Board of their intent to retire by November 1 of the preceding year.


Notice of retirement must be made by November 1 for payment to be made in July of the following year.


Eligible employees must present notification of intent to retire by January 15, one school year prior to that of retirement. Consideration outside of this requirement can be submitted in writing.

Waterville Valley

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Maintaining Your Credentials

After your retirement, your Frontline account will be closed. If you are still interested in maintaining your certification(s) after you retire, please follow these steps.

1. Make hard copies of everything you would like to file away for your personal use that is currently documented within Frontline.

2. Contact the Admin of Bureau of Credentials.

- For general questions, email the department at, or call 603-271-2409.

- You can also contact the Bureau of Credentialing Administrator: Stephen Appleby (

Transferring Your Pemibaker Files

After your retirement, your Pemibaker Google account will be closed. If you would like to keep your documents, please download your files into a ZIP Folder and upload them into a new Google account, or onto a personal flashdrive.

*Please transfer your files at least a month prior to your last day. This will allow your technology personnel to assist you in a timely manor if any issues arise.