Ourcloud Guardian Summaries

Ourcloud Guardian Summaries

At Vale of Leven Academy we have been using Google Classroom to support learning for quite some time. Google Classroom allows class teachers to share announcements, ask questions and issue work. Your child and their teacher can send information and resources to each other and track progress throughout the year.

Guardian summaries allow us to send you a daily or weekly text based email highlighting your child’s progress in Google Classroom. The focus will be on homework and will give you an insight in to what your child is currently learning in class.

You will receive one email every Friday with a summary of the announcements, questions and homework that your child has received from their teachers. Missing work that has not been completed will be highlighted. All homework will be issued via Google Classroom and whilst some of the homework will be completed online using their Chromebook, other homework exercises will continue to be written and completed in a jotter or as part of a folio. Pupils will need to ensure they mark all homework as complete on their Google Classroom.

We hope this summary will give you more of an insight into what your child is currently learning and give you the opportunity to sit with your child to ask questions and look at homework together. Please note that parents will not be able to log in to their child's Google Classroom. If you wish to see the resources that have been shared or want to support your child, they will require to log in with you.

Signing up for Guardian Summaries

You must, first of all, provide an email address to the school so that we can link your account to your child's school account. You will then receive an email asking you to accept an invitation. Multiple accounts can be added to allow multiple guardians to receive the summary. When you accept an invitation, you, your child, and the school receives a confirmation.

More information about Google Guardian Summaries can be found here.

If you would like to add an email address please contact the school office and provide them with the email address and we will arrange for an invitation to be sent to you.