ORR Gender Sexuality Alliance

WEEKLY GSA MEETING Thursday @ Señora Ochoa's Room 2:00 - 3:30

There are late buses after school, which drop us off at each of the town libraries! We will also have a Zoom call open (available from our Google Classroom), so if you're unable to get a ride or can't attend for safety reasons, just let us know and you can join online. See you all there!

This site is being updated regularly

The ORRHS GSA is always working on developing and adding to this website to make it the best that it can be. Look out for updates to this page in the future as we continue to improve, listen to your suggestions, and notify you of upcoming events!

The Old Rochester Regional Gender and Sexuality Alliance is a club dedicated to building an inclusive and educated community, both through intersectional advocacy and creating a safe space for all students.

Advisor: Ms. Allison Barker, Librarian

President: Alia Cusolito

Vice President: Nathan Correia

Secretary/Social Media Specialist: Ghost Desroches!

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Regional GSA Meetings Schedule, 2022-23 School Year

Tues Oct 11, 9am-1pm in Canton

Tues Dec 6, 9am-1pm, Location TBD

Tues Feb 7, 9am-1pm, Location TBD

Tues April 25, 9am-1pm, Location TBD

Tues June 6, 9am-1pm, Location TBD

Check out info about the regional meetings, as well as info on how to apply to be a leader:

We are always accepting new members! The GSA meets after school on Thursdays in Señora Ochoa's room. If you're a student who would like to join or just drop in for a meeting to see what it's like, join our Google Classroom using this code: