Sketchnote Portfolio

Sketchnotes are those great visual summaries you see all over the internet that are hand-drawn, include text and images in order to communicate an idea or topic. After enjoying Sylvia Duckworth's sketchnotes on Twitter & blogs for ages, I was excited to attend her workshop on sketchnoting at an EdTech Team Google Summit in October 2015. I then also attended a similar workshop by Marie-Andrée Ouimet & Joel Charlebois & then promptly followed them to the closing keynote to watch them sketchnote the talk live! Since then I have been practicing a lot & I think my sketchnotes get better with every try.

Are you interested in sketchnoting? There's no fancy equipment needed, nor anything special to learn, really. Grab a piece of paper & a marker or pen. Pull up your favourite Ted Talk or YouTube video. Write the title on the page. Then write down some of the key words & information. Leave room for some small images/icons that you can add to help illustrate the text. Think you can't draw? Everyone can draw a stick man or a happy face! You could also sketchnote without drawing! So just give it a shot & then share it on Twitter with the hashtag #sketchnote. As Mike Rohde says, sketchnoting is about "ideas, not art"!

Want to learn a little more about how to get started sketchnoting? Check out my blog post on the topic here!

Peter Liljedahl's Thinking Classroom framework:

Pedagogical Practices:

Digital Tools

Summarizing keynote speakers:

My first attempt back in Sylvia's sketchnoting workshop:

It wasn't pretty, but it was a start!

My tools:



  • Spiral-bound sketchbook w/ blank pages (found at Michael's)
  • Ultra fine point Sharpie
  • A thicker tipped Sharpie/permanent marker
  • A set of Crayola markers, lots of colours