Series of Paragraphs

The Opinion Essay

The Series of Paragraphs (Opinion Essay) is one of the two long pieces of writing you'll do on the OSSLT.

Opinion Essay

Characteristics of the Series of Paragraphs (Opinion Essay)

  • 3-5 paragraphs long, total of about 2 pages
  • Structure: Intro, Body, Conclusion
  • States ONE clear opinion, and maintains that opinion throughout the whole essay
  • Only argues one side of the opinion, not both
  • All paragraphs relate to the main idea and are clearly divided with either indents or blank lines
  • Paragraphs all have a topic sentence and a concluding sentence
  • Use transition words to link between paragraphs
  • Tone is appropriate for an adult audience
  • No major issues with spelling or grammar

Tips and Tricks

  • Planning is the most important step. If you take the time to plan at the beginning, you can avoid lots of missteps when you're actually writing your essay (and save yourself a lot of time!)
  • Use the PEE model for body paragraphs: Point, Example, Explain
      • State your point
      • Give an example
      • Explain why your example proves your opinion/your point
  • Make sure your paragraphs are clearly separated. If you're not sure if your indents are big enough, skip lines.

This is what EQAO has to say about what makes a strong news report (to read more, look at their Planning and Preparation guide):

On the OSSLT, you'll get a page with something like this for the Series of Paragraphs task.

Remember, "series of paragraphs" means the same thing as "opinion essay"