Multiple Choice Questions

On the OSSLT, you'll get questions that ask you to write out a response (either short answer or long answer questions), but you'll also get multiple choice questions.

Multiple choice questions on the OSSLT can be about something you've read on the test, or they can be questions about grammar and language conventions.

Tips and Tricks for Multiple Choice Questions

  • You can only choose one answer, so remember that one answer will always be correct
  • Read all of the options before you make your choice
  • Elimination: try and rule out any answers that you know for sure are wrong
  • Scanning: once you've read the question, go back and scan through the text by reading quickly and looking for keywords related to the question
  • If the question asks you to find the meaning of a word you don't know, go back to the reading and try and figure out what that word means using the context you found it in (i.e. use the sentences around that word to try and figure it out)
  • Try and answer the question without looking at the available answers first to see if you already know what the answer might be
  • There is no pattern to the answers, so don't be fooled
  • Manage your time. Each multiple choice question is only worth one mark, so don't spend so much time on the multiple choice section that you don't have enough time to finish the written answers!

Sample Multiple Choice Questions

For sample multiple choice questions from the OSSLT, take a look at some of the released exams from previous years on the Past Exams page.

All of the answers are available on our Scoring Guides page.