IEP: Individual Education Plan

If you have an IEP, you may be entitled to certain accommodations for the OSSLT.

The specific accommodations will depend on what your IEP says. Some accommodations that might be available to you are:

  • Extra time to complete the test (available for most IEPs)
  • Computer options
  • Specific software options
  • Scribing
  • Etc.

How do I know if I have an IEP?

You can check with any of your teachers or with one of the Learning Support Teachers in the Resource Room.

If you have an IEP, you will most likely have received other accommodations or support for evaluations you did in your classes. If you're not sure, go check with the staff in the Resource Room!

Got questions? Go to the Resource Room!

To find out what accommodations you have, you can go and see Ms. Houghton or Ms. Gaspar in the Resource Room, or you can speak with your guidance counsellor.

Make sure you speak with someone in Resource early so that you can make sure that everything is organized for any extra supports you need to succeed on the OSSLT.