News Report

The News Report is one of two long pieces of writing you'll do on the OSSLT.

On the OSSLT, for the news report you'll get a headline and an image. You have to write a news report that goes with both the headline AND the image.

The news report should be about 1 page long.

News Report - Overview

Characteristics of a News Report

  • Is related to both the headline and the picture
  • Answers WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY, and HOW
  • First paragraph: the lead
      • Usually answers what, where, when, and who
  • Following paragraphs explain why and how, and give detail
  • Paragraphs are short, often only a sentence or two
  • News report structure: most information at the beginning, and give less important information/details as the article goes on
  • Written in 3rd person (he/she/it)
  • Tone is appropriate for a news report (i.e. tone is objective, not familiar)
  • There are quotations from appropriate sources (witnesses, participants, experts, etc.)

This is what EQAO has to say about what makes a strong news report (to read more, look at their Planning and Preparation guide):

The page with the instructions for the news report looks like this.

In the Answer Booklet, you'll have a page of lined paper with the headline and the picture. You write your news report there.