Therapy Services

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Individual, Couple. Family, and Group Counseling

Using different clinical approaches, therapy is a partnership between clinician and client that helps the client to work through the mental health issues they are facing. Clinicians act as guides to help the client tap into their innate understanding of self and their influences. Through collaboration with the client, clinicians create a treatment plan that assists with processing the past or present events in the client's life and helps them to build a new way of existing healthily. Approaches include EMDR, play therapy, cosplay therapy, art therapy, cannabis-assisted therapy, CBT, DBT, and person centered therapy. 

Substance Abuse/DUI/Co-occurring disorders

Outpatient substance abuse treatment. Word with a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor using harm-reduction methods to reduce your drug or alcohol dependency and lead a fulfilling life. 

At Obsidian Institute of Integrative Medicine, we work from a relational and cultural lense because the people you engage with on a daily basis affect the lense through which you view your world. Those lenses can diminish your ability to cope and form new, stable, and healthy connections, continuing to utilize unhealthy means of solving your dilemmas. The goal of therapy is to guide you in using your innate abilities to develop healthier lenses to view the world and healthy coping mechanisms. We utilize various therapies including holistic practices to help connect the mind and body. Take this journey with us along the path to your desired outcome!

We provide services with the following insurance companies:


BCBSIL HMO (Advocate Medical Group/Magellan only)


United Healthcare/Optum


Aetna HMO

Aetna Better Health


Loveland Vouchers

Affinity Holistic Living Mental Wellness Fund Vouchers



Issues we work with:

Anxiety, Depression, Anger Management, Grief, LGBTQ+ issues, Premarital counseling, Trauma/PTSD, Substance Abuse, DUI, Co-occurring disorders, Stress Management, Boundary work, Attachment issues, Infidelity, and many more issues that can be discussed upon intake.

Mental Health Services (Virtual and in-person):

Individual Therapy, Substance Abuse Counseling, Group Counseling

Holistic Health Services (Virtual, In-person, and Hybrid):

Mindfulness Meditation classes, Reiki, Crystal Work, Shadow Work, Vibration therapy, Energy Medicine, Self-care retreats