Oberlin Flute Studio Equipment

Keefe wooden piccolo

Haynes wooden piccolo x 3

Haynes silver piccolo x 2

Seaman wooden piccolo x 2

Brannen B foot in line flute x 2

Brannen B footoffset (Broegger) flute

Haynes B foot silver flute

Haynes C foot silver flute

Haynes closed hole silver flute

Powell open hole silver flute

Levit quarter-tone silver flute

Yamaha alto with both curved & straight headjoints

Trevor James nickel finish alto flute with curved head

Trevor James silver finish alto flute with curved head

Haynes sterling silver alto with straight head

Altus Bass flute x 2

Opperman Bass flute

Oberlin flute students are fortunate to have these professional quality instruments available for use!

Priority is always given to those needing instruments for Oberlin's ensembles and professional auditions. Solo, chamber music and ad hoc ensemble needs are covered where possible after the major/required ensemble needs are met.

Oberlin's instruments are covered by Oberlin's insurance if their whereabouts is well documented. PLEASE complete these forms immediately: sign out form or sign in form

All instruments are to be returned clean, in finger-printless condition, just as you would with your friend's or Alexa's gear.

PLEASE advise Alexa of any accidents or faults immediately- ie.e when it happens or when you notice it, rather than at the point of returning the instrument. Failure to comply with these policies will result in suspension of borrowing privileges.

Repairs: Alexa is a straubinger-qualified installer and able to do most emergency repairs but her teaching schedule does not permit maintaining students' flutes. The nearest repairer is in Cleveland. Students are welcome to borrow a shipping box to ship their flutes to more distant repairers of their choice. Alexa strongly recommends Sherry Lee and Clifford Tretick. Students can normally borrow one of the Brannen flutes while theirs is being repaired.

Insurance: If you do not already have instrument insurance, you should probably arrange that well before you ship your flute. Shipping via USPS registered mail is very affordable and includes excellent insurance for up to $10,000, but the shipping is very slow because the package must be signed for every time it changes hands. Many people consider flutes are generally safer when sent by the fastest method ("overnight" or "two-day"), USPS, UPS, Fed Ex or DHL. Insurance available at the point of shipping for any of these methods will incur charges close to or exceeding the normal yearly charge for comprehensive insurance from a reputable company such as Clarion (classical instrument instrument insurance specialists offering a discount for NFA members).