Studio class in Kulas Recital Hall, 2012


BELOW: Studio class, Spring 2022

photo of studio members with Ransom Wilson

with Ransom Wilson, 2017

after dinner with Tim Day, 2017

Kelsey Burnham and Ellyn Butler with Greg Patillo (above) 2014 

Amanda Dame, Oliver Villanueva, Tasi Hiner and Alice Teyssier (below) 2015

photo of Alexa and three students at NFA convention in San Diego 2016

Tasi Hiner, Alexa, Katie Kim and Andrew Santiago at NFA convention San Diego, 2016

photo of studio members with Amy Porter

above: with Amy Porter 2017, 

                                  below : "distanced" studio in spring 2020

Dec 2017 with Tim Munro

Rockstar Flutist Sarah Jane Hargis demonstrating her incredible looping equipment, Stull, Feb 2018

       enjoying an end of the semester   snack at the hotel , 2019

below: Lyric Rivera, Andrew Santiago and Hexin Zhang May 2018                                                                        below: with Aram Mun

           at the Dayton C Miller Flute Collection, Library of Congress, and the National Symphony  to hear Ravel's Daphnis! 

at dinner in DC

post-concert (left to right); Daniel Jordan, Yuanfei  Chen, Yuyuan Zhang, HeeJeong Yoon, Gaby Cruz-Ruiz, and Karisma Palmore