contact Alexa photo with Paula Robison, 2016

email: (or through

phone 440 935 5471 Please feel free to text. I don't normally answer my phone while teaching, practicing, or driving.

studio photo: studio class during the fall semester showing us spread out in C25, one of our largest rehearsal spaces

Pandemic concerns:

Pandemic FAQ: what's happening with regard to strategies to avoid spreading COVID? Oberlin campus enjoys a very high vaccination/booster rate, so we are operating in person with an option for students to go remote if they need to. For up-to-date protocols, please checkout Obiesafe

Lessons: in person in the flute studio for those who are on campus. The air changes every 20 minutes and is intensely filtered and there is an additional airpurifier operating in the studio.

Studio class and Excerpt class: Studio in Stull recital hall, Excerpt class in Bibbins 237