photo with Paula Robison, 2016

contact Alexa

email: (or through

phone 440 935 5471 Please feel free to text. I don't normally answer my phone while teaching, practicing, or driving.

studio photo: studio class during the fall semester showing us spread out in C25, one of our largest rehearsal spaces

Pandemic FAQ: what's happening with regard to strategies to avoid spreading COVID? Oberlin is physically shutting out visitors, restricting all buildings to those who are in Oberlin's testing regime and have agreed to strict rules governing behavior. And there are also very strict rules governing the use of spaces. Please checkout Obiesafe for more and updates.

Lessons: in person in the flute studio for those who are on campus (The flute studio is 19 feet long. Alexa is at the far end. Students stay near the door. The air changes every 20 minutes and is intensely filtered. There is also a one hour rest time between each lesson.)

Studio class and Excerpt class: in person, in C25, all spread out (12 feet minimum between players, 6 feet between observers) and C25 is closed for at least one hour before class.

Ensembles: in person, ensembles are limited to 12 or so players in order to fit into rehearsal and concert spaces ( we are not doing Mahler symphonies right now) flutists are required to use a Win-D-efender, a clip on gadget that deflects that flutist's air stream back to them. Additionally ALL wind players are positioned 12 feet away from anyone else. Every rehearsal room is rested for one hour before and after a rehearsal. Concerts are live-streamed only (no in-person audiences).