Title I Budget Information

Uses for Allocation

Uses must support the School Performance Plan.

Required expenditures:

All Schools: PARENT INVOLVEMENT 1% Set‐Aside:

    • All schools will receive additional parenting funds, equal to 1 percent of their total allocation, to be used for parent training, resources, and materials. This amount is separate from, and in addition to, each school’s assigned Title I allocation.
    • Schools should plan to use no more than 25 percent of the 1 percent allocation for refreshments for parent training sessions.
    • Schools may also elect to allocate additional funds from their assigned Title I allocation to increase resources for parent involvement.


Staff Positions:

Licensed: ($79,833 per position)

    • Class Size Reduction: Gr. 4‐5 or MS/HS for subjects required for graduation
    • Learning Strategist: Students/Data/Teachers


    • Instructional Assistant (* 6 hr: $35,600 per position * 7 hr: $40,500 per position)
    • Teacher Family Assistant (* 7 hr: $45,800 per position)

Support Staff Job 2:

    • Additional hours beyond contracted hours for instructional purposes – if hours are to be worked every day
    • Not to exceed a total of 8 hours per day (job one and job two)
    • Charged at individual’s hourly wage plus benefits

Certified Temporary Tutors [CTT] ($22/hour for a maximum of 650 hours per year per CTT)

    • Instructional work with targeted students to improve achievement
      • Benchmark assessments
      • RTI intervention
      • Small group tutoring
    • Not to be used for non‐instructional purposes

Temporary Instructional School Aide (Neighborhood Mom)

    • Support for instructional and school programs
    • Not to exceed 3.9 hours per day

Parent Involvement - Allowable and Non-Allowable Expenses

Extra-Duty Pay (Parent Involvement - Allowable and Non-Allowable Expenses)

Allowable Expenses

Extra Duty Pay Funds may be utilized for parent training events during non‐contract hours for both licensed and support staff. Activities may include, but are not limited to:

    • Literacy, math, and science events
    • Student transitions: Kindergarten Round‐up; 6th grade Orientation; Freshman Orientation
    • College preparation nights
    • Student data analysis/assessment results
    • Verbal and/or written translation of materials/information for parent training

Non-Allowable Expenses

Utilizing extra duty pay during contracted hours, or for celebrations/presentations is non-allowable.

  • For example: awards assemblies, holiday events, or talent shows

Instructional Supplies (Parent Involvement - Allowable and Non-Allowable Expenses)

Allowable Expenses

Materials needed for implementation of parent training:

    • Materials for make‐and‐take activities (pens, pencils, crayons, scissors, glue, etc.)
    • Flash cards
    • Paper – construction and Xerox (not to exceed one pallet per year)
    • Science kits
    • Manipulatives
    • Educational games (math, reading, science)

Non-Allowable Expenses

Purchase of materials or supplies for classroom use is non-allowable.

Books (Parent Involvement - Allowable and Non-Allowable Expenses)

Allowable Expenses

Trade and training books for parent use:

    • Book studies
    • Parenting skills
    • Trade books or games to implement literacy/math skills presented at parent training.

Non-Allowable Expenses

Purchase of books for classroom libraries or teacher training is non-allowable.

Technology Supplies (Parent Involvement - Allowable and Non-Allowable Expenses)

Allowable Expenses

Technology needed for Parent Resource Rooms

    • Computers/monitors/printers to outfit parent resource room
    • Translator headsets for parent meetings
    • Toner needed for printing parent information (flyers, data reports, progress reports)

Refreshments (Parent Involvement - Allowable and Non-Allowable Expenses)

Allowable Expenses

Light snacks may be purchased for parent trainings only:

    • No more that 25 percent of the parent funds may be used for refreshments
    • Examples: crackers, juice, water, cookies (should adhere to District nutrition standards)
    • Title I credit card may be checked out from site‐based team for refreshment purchases
    • Costco online ordering service may be used (must work with site‐based team to complete purchase)

Non-Allowable Expenses

Purchase of food items that may be considered a complete dinner, or food for meetings that are not within the realm of parent training is non-allowable.

  • For example: informational meetings, celebrations, holiday events

Consultants (Parent Involvement - Allowable and Non-Allowable Expenses)

Allowable Expenses

Parenting Consultants

    • Parenting experts may be contracted to provide specific skills for parents to increase academic focus and improve student achievement

Non-Allowable Expenses

Any consultant utilized to train school staff on ideas or practices outside of the realm of parent training is non-allowable (professional development funds must be used for this purpose).

Other Salaries

Extra Duty Pay:

    • Tutoring – Licensed ($23/hr) or Support Staff (hourly rate + benefits)
      • Extended day or Saturday, Boot Camp, CRT Prep, HSPE Prep, Targeted Intervention
      • Schools may opt to budget preparation time for teachers providing extended‐day tutoring
        • One (1) hour of prep time per every four (4) hours of face‐to‐face instructional time
    • Support Staff Extra Duty – (Individual’s hourly rate + benefits + EGI – Overtime rates apply for all hours in excess of 40 per week)
      • To be utilized for occasional hours beyond contracted day for instructional/parenting purposes
    • Collaboration – Group planning, collaboration, or data collection ($23/hr)
      • For example:
        • Writing common assessments
        • Unit planning, long‐range or semester planning
        • Writing mid‐term exams
        • Collecting (printing) data reports, etc.
    • Site Liaison Extra Duty Pay – ($23/hr)
      • Pay for classroom teachers who take on the responsibility of Title I duties outside of contracted hours

Substitutes – Collaboration

    • Substitute days utilized for planning, collaboration, or strategist vacancies ‐ only if strategist is working with students (figure at your school rate + fringe)
      • Covers planning, grade level collaboration, data collection (printing of data)
      • Can be used to allow long‐term substitutes to participate in grade‐level or department‐level planning and collaboration activities (figure at $23/hr)
      • Does not include training or professional development activities
    • Schools that would like to provide substitutes to cover learning strategist absences (sick leave or collaboration/planning – only if strategist is working with students) may do so, however funds must be allocated to this line item for this purpose

Prep Buy Out:

    • Class size reduction at MS and HS level (all subjects required for graduation)
    • Extended day for Early‐bird or Late‐bird classes in core subjects (must be credit bearing)
    • Intervention groups for non‐proficient students at ES level
    • Training/mentoring (with prior guidance from your site‐based coordinator)
    • Average cost ($10,000)
      • Based on hourly rate plus benefits (totals will be verified by site‐based team)
      • Contact your site‐based team for more detailed prep buy out procedures

Purchase of Supplies -General

Instructional/AV Supplies:

    • General supplies or kits above and beyond what is provided by the District for classroom use
      • Manipulatives
      • Individual student whiteboards

Books, Reference and Non‐Text:

    • Books for student use above and beyond what is provided by the District for classroom use
      • Classroom libraries
      • Leveled readers
      • Library‐processed books (supplemental to school librarian budget – extra fees will apply)
      • Curriculum materials

Computer Supplies:

    • Computer technology for student use to support improved achievement (not to be used to replace District‐provided materials)
      • Computers for student use
      • Laptops for student use
      • iPads/iPad cases for student use
      • Cables (iPad, computer)
      • Toner for student lab computers
      • Projectors
      • Document cameras
      • Headphones
      • Student response units (may require additional purchase of software)


    • Supplemental computer software that supports District/school improvement initiatives
      • Refer to District Approved Intervention List
      • Ensure purchase aligns with the School Performance Plan
      • Must adhere to District guidelines/requirements

Items of Value:

    • Instructional support items with a base price of $1,000 ‐ $4,999 per item
      • Laptop or iPad storage carts
      • Computers/laptops in excess of $1,000 per item (e.g., MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, etc.)
      • Interactive Whiteboards (SmartBoard or Promethean Board)

Professional Development

Extra Duty Pay:

    • Teacher training pay ($23/hr)
      • To include book studies, data analysis (using data to drive instruction), mentoring, coaching, technology instruction (teachers) and other topics as needed to support School Performance Plan (action steps and monitoring/evaluation).
      • May not be used for grade‐level or department‐level planning activities or general meetings.
    • Support staff training pay (Individual’s hourly rate + benefits +EGI – overtime applies for hours in excess of 40/wk)
      • Allows for training of instructional assistants for above‐mentioned needs.

Substitutes – Professional Development:

    • Substitute days utilized for teacher training, mentoring, coaching, or observation of best practices (your school rate + fringe)
      • Covers training activities designed to improve classroom instructional practices.
      • Can be used to cover time for long‐term substitutes to participate in whole school, grade level or department level training activities (figure at $23/hr).
      • Training should be aligned directly to action steps in the School Performance Plan.
      • May not be used for grade level or department‐level planning activities or general meetings
        • For example: writing common assessments, unit planning, long‐range or semester planning, writing mid‐term exams, collecting (printing) data reports, etc.
    • Schools that would like to have substitutes to cover learning strategist absences (training activities) ‐ only if strategist is working with students ‐ may do so, however funds must be allocated to this line item for this purpose.

Books – Professional Development:

    • Professional books to be used for the specific purpose of training teachers
      • Includes: book studies, mentoring, coaching, targeted training activities.

Out of District Consultants:

    • Out‐of‐District consultants who will be paid to train teachers and support staff in effective instructional practices
      • Consult with the School Associate Superintendent to ensure support of School Performance Plan.
      • Cannot exceed a cost of $3,000 per day (8 hr. training equivalent)
        • Fee must include all training expenses (travel, trainer fee, training materials, etc.).
      • Consultant fees in excess of $25,000 per consultant requires Board approval through your School Associate Superintendent’s office.

Out of District Travel/Local Conferences (Dues and Fees):

  • Attendance at local or out of state conferences that support District/school initiatives and instructional strategies
    • Must follow CCSD guidelines.
    • Consult with your School Associate Superintendent to ensure support of School Performance Plan

Appropriate Placement of Common Purchases in the Budget Template

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