Board of School Trustees Guiding Principles

Our work must be aligned to the vision of our Board of School Trustees and the strategic plan.


All students progress in school and graduate prepared to succeed and contribute in a diverse global society.


  • All students can achieve, learn, and succeed irrespective of their circumstances.
  • Students share responsibility for their learning.
  • Each student is entitled to an excellent education that meets his or her individual learning needs.
  • All students who are willing to work hard have the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and beliefs necessary to reach their full potential, to succeed, and to contribute in a diverse global society.


The Board identifies the following strategic imperatives for student achievement:

Academic Excellence: Literacy across all subject areas pre-k through 12th-grade

Engagement: Parent, student, community, and employee engagement in learning

School Support: Focused support, preparation, training, and resources for staff in the schools

Clarity and Focus: Fiscal and data transparency, accountability, and strategic oversight

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