2018-2019 School Program Planning and Budgeting Guide

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January 2018

As we look back on 2016-2017, along with the whirlwind of the first year of the reorganization, there were many positive outcomes. School Organizational Teams (SOTs) were established at every school. A completely new organization structure was put in place. Strategic budgets were developed for every school. And CCSD also achieved their highest graduation rate ever, 83.2 percent.

In 2017-2018, we are reaping rewards of the new organizational structure now in place. Despite the impact of unexpected budget cuts, the new decision-making structure is taking shape and we are seeing innovation and personalization at individual schools across the District.

Now as we set forth in the planning for 2018-2019, there are even more positive changes. CCSD is in compliance with the requirement that 85% of unrestricted funds are in school budgets. Several areas of responsibility have now been transferred to schools, and a pilot program is underway to explore more. Working groups are developing Service Level Agreements,

The work that lies ahead of you is important. This guide is provided as a reference to both the law that governs the reorganization and the tasks required of each principal and School Organizational Team as you develop your 2018-2019 School Plan of Operation. This process will allow you to set goals, align the budget, and develop plans that will work best for your school and your students.

I would like to thank each of you for your involvement and commitment to the Clark County Schools Achieve reorganization effort. As long as our focus continues to be on student achievement, for every student in every classroom, great things lie ahead for your school and for our District.

Pat Skorkowsky

Superintendent of Schools


This site was developed to serve as a guide to Clark County School District principals and School Organizational Teams as they engage in the work of developing, implementing, and monitoring the School Plan of Operation.

Additional resources are available at reorg.ccsd.net.

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For additional information regarding Assembly Bill 469 (2017) pertaining to topics covered in this guide, please refer to https://www.leg.state.nv.us/App/NELIS/REL/79th2017/Bill/5727/Text.

Please visit http://reorg.ccsd.net to access additional resources and information including communications, trainings, and support materials.