School Organizational Teams

The establishment of School Organizational Teams at schools supports the belief that critical decisions affecting instruction are best made at the school level by those most closely involved with the students. An increased level of autonomy granted for making decisions that directly affect their schools and students will result in increased accountability at the school level and a tendency for school communities to take ownership of student progress.


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Under Nevada Assembly Bill 469 (2017), there are specific functions of School Organizational Teams. Their main functions, as defined by law, are as follows:

  • Meet monthly while school is in session.
  • Provide assistance and advice to the principal of the school to develop the plan of operation, which includes the school budget and the School Performance Plan.
  • Provide continued assistance and advice to the principal of the school in carrying out the Plan of Operation.
  • Assist in the discussion of any additional authority to be transferred to the schools to carry out responsibilities.
  • Assist with the selection of the next principal whenever a vacancy occurs in the position of principal for the school.

Nevada Senate Bill 369 (2017) also provides that School Organizational Teams may vote to require an investigation as to whether teachers, principals and other members of the staff at the school are effectively engaging the parents and families of pupils who are enrolled in the school in the education of their children and and the culture at the school is focused on pupil outcomes.

Principals may periodically seek the Team’s input on other matters; however, the principal retains responsibility and accountability for school decisions.

The principal serves as a non-voting member of the Team. The Team provides support and assistance to the principal; final accountability for decisions rests with the principal. If any Team decisions result in a violation of state law or District regulation, the principal has the obligation to act accordingly.

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