Program of Studies 2021-2022

Core Values and Beliefs

Newington High School, a community of learners, is committed to providing all students with high quality learning experiences by challenging and actively engaging them in their education in a safe, welcoming, and enriching environment. All students are expected to meet high academic and behavioral standards. These expectations are achieved through a dynamic partnership among students, staff, home, and community. In an increasingly technological and ever-changing world, Newington High School provides all students with knowledge, skills, and values needed to set goals and reach their full potential as lifelong learners.

Expectations for Student Learning

Social and Civic Expectations

Newington High School students will develop self-responsibility that enables them to live a healthy and active lifestyle by:

  • making decisions to achieve long and short term goals

  • acting with respect toward self and others and practicing moral and ethical conduct

  • developing skills and competencies for personal well-being and growth

  • recognizing and valuing our commonalities and diversity for the common good

  • contributing to the global community through responsible actions

Academic Expectations

Newington High School students will apply academic and technical knowledge and skills across all disciplines by:

  • critically reading and comprehending a variety of written materials

  • clearly expressing ideas in writing for a variety of purposes and audiences

  • thinking critically and reasoning effectively to solve problems

  • using oral language and listening skills to communicate effectively

  • demonstrating information and communication technology literacy

Core Values and Beliefs & Expectations for Student Learning

Approved by the Board of Education 1/27/10 Adopted by the faculty 12/15/2010

In January all students receive information indicating the courses being offered for the next school year. Students must register for their courses online through PowerSchool. The instructions for course registration are available here. Proper selection of curriculum and subjects is very important and should be done with care, since changes requested at a later date may not always be possible.

Please see your school counselor if you require additional information.