Program of Studies 2024-2025


Newington Public Schools will cultivate a strong, ongoing partnership of school, family and community to ensure an equitable educational experience for all students. Our educational community will support the social/emotional and academic growth of all students. NPS students will have a strong voice within their school community and graduate with a passion for their post secondary plan and with the skills outlined in the Portrait of a Graduate. 



Every NPS Student will be a contributing member of their community and 

highly prepared for life after graduation.

In January all students receive information indicating the courses being offered for the next school year. 

Students must register for their courses online through PowerSchool

The instructions for course registration are available here

Proper selection of curriculum and subjects is very important and should be done with care, 

since changes requested at a later date may not always be possible. 

Please see your school counselor if you require additional information.