Counselor Corner

Welcome to our counseling page!

We created this website to share information with students and families and have links to mental health and community resources, post-secondary planning and financial aid/scholarships, a virtual calming room and more. We are always updating so please bookmark our page and check back to see what's new!

Meet wheeler's Counseling Department!

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School Counselor

Grades 9-11 (A-L); Grade 12

860-535-0377 ext. 2175

School Counselor

Grades 7 & 8;

Grades 9-11 (M-Z)

860-535-0377 ext. 2174

Counseling Secretary/Data Specialist

860-535-0377 ext. 2150

District Social Worker

860-535-0377 ext. 2171

School Psychologist

860-535-0377 ext. 2172

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