Senior Exit Project


The Senior Exit Project at Northwood High School will represent a meaningful culmination of each graduating senior’s intellectual, academic, and community experiences.


To provide our graduating seniors with the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to research, write, speak, apply their knowledge and skills, problem solve, and manage their time.


The Senior Exit Project will be:

      • A self-directed, active learning experience for seniors.
      • An opportunity for staff collaboration and curricular integration.
      • An opportunity for genuine community participation in the educational process.


The final paper and all assignments related to the paper will be part of the first semester Senior Exit Project class grade. The portfolio and presentation will be part of the second semester Senior Exit Project class grade. If a senior receives a failing grade in the class, on the paper, portfolio, or presentation, he/she will need to continue working on that portion of the SEP until it is acceptable. All four components of the SEP must be completed to an acceptable level in order for the senior to graduate.

The four components of the SEP are as follows:

      • Project/Portfolio
      • Presentation
      • Paper
      • Class