Resources for Families

Seesaw (grades k-3) and Canvas (grades 4-12) family info

Tips for a successful remote learning experience


  • Students of all ages thrive on routine and are more successful when it is a part of their daily lives.

  • Daily and weekly schedules at home will help students succeed.


  • Clearly communicate what you expect from your students.

  • Students will need guidance and clear instructions.

  • The remote learning teachers can help to establish online classroom expectations.

  • The open communication and strong partnership between the teacher and parents will help.

  • For older students, they are learning to be advocates for themselves. This may be more of a challenge in a remote learning environment, but it is just as important.

Positive Interactions:

  • Remote learning elementary students usually require hands-on interaction with adults for success. You must be available to engage with your student.

  • Older students may require hands-on interaction with adults for success. You may need to be available to engage with your student.

  • Be your child's cheerleader.

  • Even if you found a particular subject frustrating when you were in school, do not share overly negative feelings.

  • Model a positive, can-do attitude for your student.


  • There will need to be a strong partnership between the teachers and families.

  • Reach out to your student's teacher and ask for help when you need it.

Free internet services through Dayton Metro Library

Montgomery County CARES Act Utility Relief Program

Montgomery County is partnering with DP&L and Vectren, a CenterPoint Energy Company, to give bill credits to residential customers who have had a loss of income due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you’re a customer of DP&L and/or Vectren and you have an amount more than 30 days past due on your account, you could be eligible for a bill credit for that past due amount.

Please review the eligibility criteria and complete the application. For more information, click on the link below.

Learning Aid Ohio: Supplemental Learning Support for Students with Disabilities

Learning Aid Ohio aims to provide free supplemental learning support for students with IEPs.

For more information, please use the link below:

This section will continue to be updated as more resources are developed and found for families. Please check back regularly.