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Writing for NJTEEA Newsletter Publications

Make & Take

Share a classroom project with our readers. At least one issue with shared with our members on a monthly basis. They are fairly concise, under 1000 words. The subject matter varies widely and images or graphic aids are recommend.

Requirement: Approximately 1000 words

What's Working in TED

Share your classroom strategies and instructional techniques.

Ex. How to promote divergent thinking, how to enhance brainstorming outcomes, use of think-pair-share to discuss controversial technologies, etc.

Requirement: 750 -1500 words

Community Engagement Piece

Share something that makes your class, school, or district stand out. Share what you've recently been involved in that to promotes TED in NJ.

Requirement: Approximately 1000 words

Media Drop Box: Have something you want to share on our social media?

Publication Requirements:

  • Include the 2020 Standards for Technological and Engineering Literacy or other STEM Standards. Provide these at the benchmark level. Writing that your design brief covers STEL8 is virtually meaningless as it is generic and covers K-12. If you are talking about a middle school classroom, consult the Standards document at that level and choose the benchmarks that can be clearly linked to what you are writing about.

  • Citations. Provide citations and references in the correct APA format for any statements require support. For example, if you write that American girls are better in science than boys, you need to back up that opinion with cited research. Making an assertion often only requires one good citation. Including 4-6 citations per statement adds redundancy and interferes with the reader’s ability to follow the article.

  • Provide a bio. Write a one-sentence author identification (providing the author’s full name, title, current affiliation, location, and email address) at the end of the manuscript

  • Include supporting material. If you have art work, photographs, charts, or tables to accompany the article, submit them as separate high-resolution images with the article. If you submit photographs, write captions for them and place the captions at the end of the article, following the one-sentence author identification.

Submit electronically. Please submit your manuscript as a Google Doc HERE.