Reasons to Join NJTEEA

Top Reasons You Should Join NJTEEA

  • Professional Development

    • From conferences to school visits to industry visits to programs offered by partnering institutions, we will connect you with your professional development hours with the most opportunities specific to Technology Education in New Jersey.

  • Members Only Resources

    • Our NEW website will have an area that includes resources from teachers around the state to use related to STEM and Technology and Engineering.

  • Teacher Recruitment

    • We are leading the only efforts to increase the supply of teachers coming into our field and members are given the first opportunity to connect with them.

  • Networking Opportunities

    • Connect with your colleagues at workshops and conferences... a great way to enhance your program is to share ideas with new people or stay in touch with old friends and classmates.

  • Policy Changes

    • Be the first to know abut important policy changes that affect Technology Education both in New Jersey, and Nationally.

  • Positive Publicity

    • We can help bring attention to you, your students, and your program through awards, recognition, social media outlets, and competitive events for students.

  • Reasonable Dues

    • $50 is a great value for the information that you will receive through our newsletter, publications, and electronic updates, especially compared to dues for other organizations.