Award Applications

Annual Awards Application

Our annual awards applications are available each spring.

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Please have all nominations complete by May 10, 2024.

See below for all descriptions.

Program Awards

5 Star Program - The New Jersey Technology and Engineering Educators Association recognizes and honors exemplary Technology and Engineering and iSTEM Education Programs in New Jersey schools. Utilizing this rubric, a team of Technology and Engineering Education professionals will visit and meet with the Technology and Engineering and iSTEM Educators at your school to assess your program of study with regard to the criteria noted on the detailed rubrics in the assessment document. Recognition lasts 5 years.

NJTEEA Annual Awards

100% Club - Established in 2020, the 100% Club showcases those schools with the highest level of commitment to professional development. Schools in the 100% club have 100% of their technology and engineering education teachers and their supervisor(s) as dues paid members of NJTEEA by a given deadline of that school year.

Excellence Awards - Excellence Awards are one of the highest honors given to technology and engineering education educators and are presented in recognition of outstanding contributions to the profession and to their students. The NJTEEA Excellence Awards program was established to identify outstanding technology and engineering teachers who will serve as models for their colleagues and who could form a leadership core to affect change in the field. Excellence awards include: Program Excellence (elementary, middle, high) Teacher Excellence (new teacher, elementary, middle, high) College Student Excellence * Administrator Excellence *College student excellence award is presented to a current undergraduate student with 60 credits or more, majoring in Technology and Engineering Education. This student has displayed service to their college, their profession, and has demonstrated high scholastic achievement in their studies. Students are nominated by a college professor or a cooperating teacher.

Image Awards - This award honors individuals within the membership of NJTEEA that make a special effort that results in a positive reflection of Technology Education outside of the profession. Whether it be through a single act of concentrated effort over a period of time, these individuals are worthy of recognition as exceptional educators that realize that leadership and advocacy is needed for the profession beyond the walls of their classroom. These individuals' actions have had a positive impact on the image of the Technology Education profession in New Jersey by helping to spread the word about the benefits of technological literacy for all students. Documentation may consist of, but certainly is not limited to, a copy of a newspaper article, link to a video, or notification of a television appearance.

Lifetime Achievement Awards - The Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest and rarest award to be presented by NJTEEA and signifies an individual who has had a distinguished career in Technology and Engineering Education, spanning at least 20 years. No more than two awards may be awarded in any given school year. The Lifetime Achievement Award is selected by the NJTEEA Executive Board.

NJTEEA Emerging Leader - The Emerging Leader Award, established in 2020, recognizes technology, innovation, design, and engineering educators who have demonstrated a high level of competence and commitment to professional activity in the field of technology and engineering education in the state of New Jersey.  This award is reserved for those teachers who have emerged within 5 years from the onset of their career. The Emerging Leader distinction is selected by NJTEEA Executive Board.

Grants and Scholarships

Future Technology and Engineering Educator Scholarship - A $500 scholarship will be presented to a high school senior or a college freshman or sophomore (under 60 credits) majoring in Technology and Engineering Education. A letter of recommendation from a current NJTEEA member must accompany the application.