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As a response to the COVID-19 virus, school districts throughout the country are exploring the use of online instructional methods in order to continue to deliver high quality instruction to students. As a result TEEAP and NJTEEA have decided to join efforts to aid our members in sharing content and ideas that can be delivered in an online setting only. We encourage anyone who is developing lessons for use online, to share their content with others. We have set up a Google Drive that should be shared with anyone developing useful materials. To access the drive please copy and paste the following link into a web browser

Please consider helping our fellow members develop lessons and help our profession deliver quality content during this unprecedented situation.

2021 - 2021 Executive Board

Executive Director - Frank Caccavale

Past President - Clare Sweeney

President - Ryan Riess

President Elect - Jamie Mulligan

Secretary - Lauren Coker

Treasurer - Matthew Potter

New Jersey Technology Standards

Below is a Google Doc that is easy to add to your drive for all of the New Jersey Standards. If you would like standards for a specific grade level band, navigate to our "Standards" page for more resources.

P - 12 Technology Standards

Defining the Levels of Maker Space

NJTEEA has worked with teachers across the state in various types of maker spaces in order to define what makes a "good" maker space. As a result, NJTEEA has defined five different levels of maker spaces, each with its own unique qualities.

An abbreviated handout and slideshow is linked below.

What is a maker space? One page handout

Defining levels of maker spaces/ sample challenge presentation

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