Involving and engaging young people in research

The Young Person's Advisory Group North England (YPAGne) meet monthly in Newcastle, is integrated into the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Children’s Specialty YPAG model that aims to increase the input and influence of young people (YP) in the development of clinical and public health research.

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Why is YPAGne important?

We know that involving young people in the development of research studies leads to better research for young people - we value your views and opinions and want to incorporate them into our work.

Your views and opinions will help influence research that is carried out within our local hospital and other services both regionally and nationally.

Where and when

Thursday Evenings 5-7pm at the Clinical Learning Centre, opposite the Leazes Wing entrance of the RVI. Dates of upcoming meetings;

Thursday 11th July - Education Centre RVI

Twitter, Instagram Facebook - @YPAGne

Launch meeting 2015

Launch Meeting 2015

Meeting 21 2018

Meeting 18 2017