Welcome to the Working in the CRN learning resource, designed to help you understand the work and structure of the National Institute for Health and Care Research Clinical Research Network (NIHR CRN) and where you fit in.

This resource was originally developed for an internal CRN Coordinating Centre audience. Due to this, some links or sections may not be relevant for you and your role, and some links may not work (for example, when they point to our internal intranet content).

The resource is designed to be completed over time, and you shouldn't expect to cover everything in one or two sittings. We won't be tracking your completion, and there are no tests for you to complete. It is intended to be your go-to place to build your knowledge and understanding, and we hope you will return to it as and when you need to.

We suggest you begin with the Introducing Clinical Research section, which sets the scene of Clinical Research. There are 2 more sections: The Clinical Research Pathway, which delves deeper into how we support the process of Clinical Research; and The NIHR CRN, which explains more about our structure and workforce. You should complete these in the order that makes most sense and is most useful to you.

You have access to a corporate slideset which duplicates a lot of the information here, you may want access to this in slide form if you are preparing slides about the NIHR.