Orthopaedic trainee led collaborative research in the North East and Cumbria

CORNET is a Collaborative Orthopaedic Research Network which is organise and administered by Northern Deanery Orthopaedic trainees in the UK. The Collaborative was founded in January 2013 and has grown year on year in the range and quality of research conducted.

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Orthopaedic Paediatric Trials- Get Involved

If you are at all interested in paediatric orthopaedics, you should check out the research being done around the country and get involved.  A lot of it comes from the hard work of the team in Oxford led by Prof Dan Perry.  Several of the paediatric specialists in the north east are PIs for trials locally, so check it out!

Sustainability in Surgery Free Webinar RCSEd

Thursday 14th March 19:00

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Clavicle and ACJ Delphi Study- Part 2 to complete

One of our past northeast trainees and past committee member is currently doing a Delphi study on the management of distal clavicle and ACJ injuries.  If you were a part of the first round, remember to complete round 2 using this link.

WASTE Study Underway

The WaSTE (Waste Segregation Trainee Evaluation) Study is starting shortly.  

If your trust isn't registered, sign up now by clicking here.  Make sure to read through the study protocol which can be found here.

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HASTE Trial Finished Data Collection!

Great work!  Well done to everyone who contributed!  We know that there have been over 10,000 patient admissions recorded which is an absolutely massive achievement.

Whilst Edinburgh has led the national leaderboard, it has also been a close race between the sites in the north, with 1 case differentiating the highest 7 sites!

Congratulations to Sunderland who pipped to 1st with 104 records!!

Remember to complete the authorship form sent out last week!

NIHR Routes to Research

The NIHR has recently launched its new website www.routestoresearch.co.uk 

This is an excellent resource with lots of information about how to get involved in research, whatever position or stage you are at.  We will put the link also in the resources tab, but take a look today and make use of the great information there.

PRISE Study Collaborative- Get signed up #prisesnotprizes

The Prosthetic Infection in the Shoulder and Elbow study is looking for collaborators across the UK to contribute to this exciting new project!  All the documents and information you need can be found here.  It is a retrospective study investigating what organisms cause these infections, which differ to those found in the lower limb.  The aim is to better understand these infections so we can better target management.  Get your trust signed up now!!

FAIR now complete too

The FAIR (Fractured Ankle Implant Review) Study has completed data collection and data analysis is underway.  Many thanks to all who contributed.