Our Story

Company History

Nexus Health was first conceived in July 2018; initially called MedGear, our focus at the time was simply to become an electronic offering in the market of medical identification products. Since then our aspirations have grown to dreams of creating an interconnected health-care system with the customer at the nucleus of it all.

Mission Statement

"To revolutionize the way health records are handled, stored, and shared with patients; so that we can improve the lives of our customers by giving them greater security, access to their information, and tools to navigate a complex healthcare system."

Circa August 2018

Meet the team

Matthew Kim | Co-Founder, Nexus Health

Having recently graduated Seneca from his Entrepreneurship program, Matthew is excited to bring innovation to consumers and cause disruption in the health information industry. Skilled in leadership, communication, and project management; Matthew is ready to persevere through the hardship that accompany start-ups and bring Nexus Health to market.

Mitchell Ter-Smitte | Co-Founder, Nexus Health

Mitchell is committed to people. His vision of success is fueled by his desire to invent ideas that will benefit consumers. Leadership comes naturally for Mitchell. His experiences in the Canadian Armed Forces has given him confidence in building teams and utilizing flexibility to achieve goals. Mitchell’s current enrollment in Seneca’s Entrepreneurship Business program continues to help him grow as an entrepreneur, allowing him to gain knowledge, build skills, and foster relationships.