Q3 2019

Oct 31, 2019

By: Matthew Kim (Co-Founder)

Hey Guys,

I know that crippling social anxiety is not a good quality for an entrepreneur to have but we’re not perfect. So, the first thing we refocused on was getting over that by attending more events that are relevant to us; it’s about time we became more strategic, and even more important that we followed through. We attended events in the past but for this quarter we decided that we needed to be more visible and if we’re showcasing then we need professionally created resources. This is where we forged a relationship with Daphne Fang (Link to her website). She did a great job in preparing a large retractable banner for us; professional and reasonably priced, it was fun working with her and you’ll see more of her work from us in the future. With our new marketing materials, we were able to showcase our business in more than a few events; and we also had the opportunity to attend events that are outside our Seneca HELIX comfort zone.

In part due to my stellar networking skills (/s) we were able to meet Cheryl Cheung (Link to her website) she had the courage to get up in front of everyone at HealthTO and introduced herself as a digital health lawyer. It just so happened we were looking to bring on a lawyer; another person who’s been incredible in working with us. She’s been especially helpful by providing general counsel as well a specialized help for things like digital security.

One of the main reasons why we need a lawyer is because we were finally able to trick two developers into working with us. Dhruv and Arsh were found through SenecaWorks; both are like us, young and driven. Together they’ve been a creative force and a new source of motivation for both Mitchell and I. We’ve brought them on to develop the software product and get it ready for our planned soft launch. But nothing would make me happier if they decided to stay on after the project has been completed.

As well, we put greater attention on our pitch deck. It’s changed 10 times since its first iteration, and I’m sure it’ll change another 10 times. But we’ve had this opportunity because over the three months we’ve been able to pitch our business multiple times, it’s amazing how it’ll change so profoundly after performing it. But we also took the time to have our slide deck done by a professional so it could look presentable. I recently learned that my performance is on Youtube this link; as embarrassing as it is, it’s important to get an objective look on yourself and I’ll tell you, it’s difficult.

In this next quarter look out for us at more pitch events because we are going to be more active. We’re also going to be stepping up our social media game in the coming weeks. Finally, look out for our announcements on the soft launch of our MVP; that’ll be happening hopefully before the end of the year, but it’ll likely be January.

Thanks for reading, whoever you are, you bored soul,

Matthew Kim, Co-Founder and CEO of Nexus Health