Recent Events

Year 4 Field Trips

Last Wednesday the Year 4 learners selected a trip of interest they wished to participate in to engage their interest in our new unit: Water is an Essential Resource. The learners selected from one of three field trips: water for leisure, water for food or water for habitat. Encouraging the learners to select one of these three field trips is part of Nexus' desire to embed learner agency in our curriculum.

Water for Leisure - This field trip engaged the learners in activities such as dragon boating, where they were able to explore the many uses of water for leisure and the importance of maintaining clean bodies of water for people to use. The Kallang Water Sports Centre hosted the activities and although some of us received a significant splashing, much fun and learning was had.

Water for Food - Vertical farms are a process where food (plants) are stacked in a vertical alignment when land is in short supply, such as in Singapore. The Sky Greens Vertical Farm out in the north of Singapore showed many learners the process of vertical farming as well as the significance of reducing water consumption in this process. After the visit, the children returned to school and consulted with each other in the process of building their own vertical farm. We think we might see more of these popping up in the school in the future!

Water for Habitat - With our trekking shoes on, a group of learners headed out to Sungei Buloh Wetlands. Hoping to explore the wetland's fertile grounds for plant life and animals, most expected to see the odd animal or insect, but weren't we in for a surprise! Monitor lizards were found scurrying about and a huge crocodile even made an appearance, delighting the children. These experiences fostered many a conversation about the importance of such environments, and their dwindling numbers in urbanised Singapore.

Kindergarten Field Trip

The Kindergarten learners had an adventurous week going on two field trips to celebrate our Unit of Inquiry on Journeys.

On Wednesday, the Kindergarten learners headed to Clementi to purchase bananas in the hope of encouraging our cheeky monkey, Scklarkey, to come out of hiding whist our river cruise on Thursday. We made the journey to Clementi by bus and were all happy to wait for the double decker bus, number 7. The learners zapped their bus pass before heading straight for the top deck.

On Thursday, with bananas in hand the Kindergarten learners headed to Clark Quay to board our river cruise boat. First job was to make sure our safety jackets were securely fastened. Once on board we enjoyed the many landmarks that surround the river and the Marina Bay. The learners pointed out the Merlion, Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sands and many more.

The children kept a look out for our cheeky monkey, Scklarkey. We really weren't sure if the bananas the Kindergarten learners purchased on Wednesday would be enough to persuade him from his hiding place... then someone shouted "SCKLARKEY".

We weren't allowed to take food on the boat and had to leave the bananas at the boat kiosk. When we returned we could not believe our eyes! Scklarkey had visited the kiosk and eaten some of our bananas, and left the banana peels on the ground. There was also a note.

Dear Kindergarten,

I could not eat all the bananas. Please make banana bread.

Love Scklarkey.

The learners had an amazing two days discovering different ways to explore Singapore. The Kindergarten learners did NEXUS proud with their outstanding behaviour.