Primary Newsletter

25 May 2018

From the Head of Primary

It has been another busy two weeks in Primary School. With exciting events both in school and out of school. Please see the 'Recent Events' page for some great photos.

In particular, we had a fantastic celebration of the Year 6 learners at their final PYP Exhibition this week. Parents were invited on Monday for the Evening Gala, where Grant (Axe) Rawlinson was a special guest speaker. Axe is an adventurer who has climbed Everest and rowed from Singapore to Australia. In two months time, he will make his second attempt to cross the Tasman Sea between New Zealand and Australia. We wish him all the best. The Year 6 learners also performed a beautiful rendition of Miley Cyrus' 'The Climb' during the Exhibition. To watch a video of the performance click here.

Over the next two days, schools from around Singapore came to explore the interactive exhibits our Nexus learners created. Our learners did an amazing job presenting and demonstrating their knowledge, skills, and action. This year our Central Idea was Individual grow by challenging their personal limits. Our learners were passionate and articulate as they shared their personal improvement plans and inquiries. The range of explorations was fantastic to see and the excitement in the Phase 4 learning pod was contagious.

A big thank you to all the supportive parents and staff who helped the Year 6 PYP Exhibition 2018 become a huge success.

Last week, the event to introduce Our New School on May 15 was really well attended by parents. We were treated to a passionate presentation about the ideas and ethos behind this iconic development by the chief architect, Harry Hoodless. There were also opportunities to hear about the food and culture of the local area, the educational potential of the new building and to get a glimpse into some of the incredible facilities. Our Year 1 learners have been particularly excited to see their 'outdoor learning' ideas being added to the plans, including the two storey tree house with slides and climbing nets!

There will of course be plenty of other opportunities to hear about Our New School in the next academic year.

Next week we have our annual Climbathon to raise money to support the victims of the 2015 Nepalese earthquake as they continue to re-build their communities. See details here. Over the next few weeks we will also support a number of learners carrying out their own passion projects, raising awareness of charitable organisations and raising money. Please be reminded that school is closed on Tuesday for Vesak Day.

Warm regards,

Paul Beach, Head of Primary.