The Campus Librarian’s Handbook is published by the Astor Center for Public School Libraries at New Visions for Public Schools, 205 E 42nd St, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10017. This is version two, published November 2019. Questions can be sent to

Jessica Hochman, PhD, is the primary author of the Campus Librarian’s Handbook. Many working librarians and experts in the field contributed to this guide.

Foremost, we thank Melissa Jacobs, Director of the New York City School Library System, and her team with the New York City School Library System for their wisdom and expertise. Russell West, Deputy Director of Instruction at New Visions for Public Schools, and the Campus Librarian Network provided support, ideas, essential input, and feedback on early drafts. Campus librarians Margaret Whitehead, Christina Gavin, and Rachel Green provided context for life in a campus library through in-depth interviews.

To distill a set of best practices on budgets and purchasing on a campus, we solicited advice from Teresa Tartaglione, Lisa Egan, and Marie Southwell. Debra Randorf of NYCSLS then helped edit and refine this section of the guide. For the section on accessibility, NYCSLS's Michael Dodes's expertise on website accessibility was a critical resource; school librarians Rizwan Malik and Christopher Vano also supplied many helpful insights into supporting all students.

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