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School Counseling Office Newsletter 

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Guaranteed time with your school counselor each year! 

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Missed a presentation?

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Education Verification

For companies looking to verify an education, please email Clare Francke at with a signed release.   We will email back the completed request within 48 hours.

 Final Grades

Please stay in touch with your counselor and teacher if you are in jeopardy of not passing a class for this year. If you learn that you have not passed a class, your counselor can help you create a plan for next steps. Please keep in mind that the summer school deadline is soon after grades close so it will be important to find out what the final grade for the class is when complete.

Student Success Plans

Did you know your son/daughter is building what we like to call Student Success Plans?  

A Student Success Plan is an individualized portfolio based on students' interests and strengths that will be developed and monitored to help every student stay connected in school and to set and achieve academic, social-emotional and future goals. 

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Tutor List

Click here to see a list of tutors posted on the Continuing Ed website (right hand side of page).

Disclaimer:  The NHS School Counseling Office cannot recommend specific tutors, but the following is a list of professionals who are interested in tutoring, in addition to peer tutors and helpful websites.